Something that I’d love to see put in the game

Please add an option to hide weapons on your character like how the enemy sees you that would be awesome. I just love how characters look when they only have one gun . Let me know what you guys think.


I’m not exactly to sure what kind of request this is but for the sake of getting a voice out there I’ll agree


Like when use switch it just materializes for u

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This has been request since 2016 in Gears 4. Honestly surprised we haven’t seen it introduced.


Sorry for the last reply but you know how if you see the enemy they only have the gun in there hands? I pretty much want an option to make it where you can hide all weapons besides the one in your hand sometimes the weapons on my back get in the way of seeing everything also I love how it looks when you only have one weapon

Never thought of this. Yeah why not :+1:

Ah I see, I would welcome this then

agreed. All skins would look better without the magnetic weapon holders. TC has done a good job for the pistol holsters. Not all skins have this though, so an option to hide non-equipped weapons would be great.

I think it’s already coded into the game, just not for the player. Can’t see enemy players’ un-equipped weapons.
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