Something positive for a change

I’ve noticed that there is an increasingly high amount of negativity on the forums concerning TC and the future/present of Gears (Of War) while i can agree Gears 4 isn’t perfect and there is much that could be done to improve it - I feel it’s come a fair ways since launch. (For those of you who were there for launch, you’ll understand where i am coming from)

Let’s be honest all issues aside when you strip it down to the idea of Gears, it’s not that bad I learned (eventually) that to stay relevant a game has to evolve and change sometimes (Sometimes for the worse, or the better!) so let’s try something different.

What are you most loved, favourite moments or things in Gears Of War 4.

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That sounds bloody hilarious. And true, though the amount of negativity seemingly far outweighs the positive. But, feedback allows the game to grow more.

Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

I try and not get negative and just have fun sometimes.

I contain my Rage Level when BS happens and think it just be happening to others too (even though some players just absorb all your shots and walk through them with insta-Gibs)

Oh sponge is a pain in the backside but i’ve gotten used to strafing and sidestepping for more shots’

Yeah, it’s the situations though where there are two and you should get a gib one and as you turn to the other well, you’ve still got the first guy alive and so you know how it ends :joy:

Oh true that, or the bots when you shoot them point blank. Screen fades out, cue to be continued music. We all know what’s about to go down. xD


I’ve found that I’ve never had an issue gibbing bots.

It’s only players where the game changes up and it seems I have a different Gnasher.

Haha if that happen at 1am I’d be a little freaked out tbh :joy:

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Aha - would have been handy on Insane mode :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::raised_hands:

Ah ok, then it sucks :-1:

I see the humor now after watching. Lol. :+1:

The GFC is something positive on these forums ,we run community nights ,will be running a tournament July 28th and are in the process of planning another after that please check us out in the WAnt to play section of these forums

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Nice :+1:

And fair enough then :+1:

OMG. That was hilarious :laughing:

Your topic is reminiscent of a comment I made yesterday in regard to a lancer idea I pieced together.

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Wow that reads so well :+1: