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Something new and old for G5

The greatest thing about GOW 1 Was the lobbys that had people messing around 1 v 1 Gnashers and snipers . This experince wasnt just fun but you gained alot more skill with other Gears players helping each other out. You made new friends to. So I think u should
All you would need for this to work iss… One huge map 10 or 20 people join
no host
No melee
No other weapons just Gnasher and Snipers
Dedicted zones for the Sniper and Gnasher
Safe zone people can watch and no one can kill the 1v 1 s going on.
No stats or kd
This be old days where u would see vids of people doing them on youtube

And add koth to social im tired of being punished for others quiting and i dont want to ranked based on radoms. And social i want to connect to some close to me . Irather lose to good players then wait along time to connect. Which is mexico and canada and lag lobbies gow 4 was bad about this… You cant get better if your not ggetting into games and not going to get better if ur not playing better players

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