Something needs to be done

Something needs to be done about custom horde, they need to do something so that if the host leaves a new host will be selected, I’ve been in too many games where the host decides to leave, then that’s it game over, it’s very frustrating, especially when you are on a high wave.

The problem is (by the way why I must start to many answers with that introduction? :smile:) that TC has to fix many things. I can speak most for the horde mode, because that´s the mode I play the most of the time. Theres the problem what you say, then there is the problem with the “I stand in a Corner, do nothing and earn XP” idiots, then there is generelly the kick out option, then the hero system which have nothing to do with a teamplay mode, the different types of enemies, the many little bugs…we could do a list with all, TC have to do for the horde mode and it would crashes the server.

This is a problem but I don’t think the host is leaving(all the time) but rather he/she might be dc’ing. I’ve been crashing a lot since the update. If I’m lucky enough to get in a room I might last a few waves during peak hours.
But yeah they need to migrate the host to someone else without having to start over.

I hate whwn people just stand there and do nothing, also when you are the engineer and people move your stuff around

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I hate them too and for these situations there must be a generell kick out in the game, so you can kick out these people after one or two rounds of doing nothing.

And move fortifications, I mean, when you take a barricade and change the position a Little bit, okay that could be an advice too, but move turrets completly around or weapon lockers in the battlefield, that has nothing to do with advice, it´s just trolling.

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I hate it when were playing all fathers and Im trying to lvl up Lizzie. Then the engineer puts the fabricator all the way in the back. They wonder why boomshot scions spawn right on top of us -.-
It feels like evey time I trust the job of base building to someone else, they $#@% it up.

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Allfathers arena is a map, I dont know, I dont get warm with this map. But the spawns of the enemies are only there, when there are no player at this point. I played the map forge the most of the horde time and when the fabricator is there on the left side to blocade the entrance and all players are on the left side, then enemies spawn on the right side. But have a player on every relevant side of the base is on some map easier, on much other maps it´s a way difficult.

Forge does seem like it is the most used map for masters and exhibit. Forge because you can block one of the only 2 ways in(Im surprised they havent adjusted that) Exhibit because it’s very close quarters and kestrels can’t spawn on that map. I’ll see harbor, foundation and asylum a few times. I rarely see Vasagar being played at all.

Oh god, exhibition…I can not see this map anymore! :laughing: Nearly 80 % of the hosted matches are on exhibition. And that´s one of the maps, were the game allways crashes, when people joining a game in progress. So if somebody quit, you have a problem, because TC haven´t fixed the bug. Same on allfathers arena. But I have not played exhibition since a while. I have the impression, that the horde matches are much longer on this map, than on other maps.

After the gearsmas patch I was able to join a horde in session on lift. I hope that means they fixed it instead of I got lucky.

When a host disconnect, someone else becomes the host rather than game ending.

That’s how you tell the difference between host leaving or host disconnecting.

Yes, but it could be possible in the game allready. If the host get out of the game, then another player is host, but the game continues and it´s possible for other players to join the game in progress, like it was possible before with the other host. The problem is, that the game is going to be canceled, when the host gets out. And that´s wreally annoying, when you have the plan to complete the 50 waves.

Hmm…then I will test it next weekend. But the gearsmas update…when I look how much fun I had with the juvie delusion mode in Gears of War 4 or advent advent, the juvie burns (maybe in english it has an other name, but that was the name for the german version), These modes were so great. :smile: especially with an expert or an soldier. And now in 5 I dont know, there are no wreally classes anymore and that makes the modes much less funier (my impression). I played five waves on master last day of the jingle juvies mode and then it was enough.

I tried jingle juvies and it was pretty chaotic. Lot of poppers. Fences were the first things we built and they were a must. Surprisingly their explosions don’t seem to actually do much dmg to lvl 1 barriers. The boss wave at lvl 20 I was expecting a matriarch. It was just a lot of poppers.

Hey man,

If you are hosting and have to leave. You also just go to the Xbox home. Press start on the game go down to end game. This will keep the game going for other players while allowing you to leave if you have to. :+1: