Something needs to be done about weapon stealing from weapons lockers in gears 5 horde

I main fahz, cuz I enjoy sniping and it is a very skillful class to use. I don’t know, there’s a certain gratification you get when you pull off skillfull headshots; versus the cheap spam fest you get from OP characters like JD. However, I’m finding this iteration of horde very much a chore and frustrating to play. Weapon stealing, among other things really diminishes the fun factor for horde in this game. I don’t know about you other’s who main fahz, but it absolutely grinds my gears when you pour your energy into the fabrictor for the engineer to build a weapons locker and you try to secure a slot on there for a backup longshot; only for other greedy inconsiderate players to remove your weapon for yet another trishot or salvo. At that point, I stop donating power and save up to buy my own; only for players to jack that too. Throwing my longshot to the ground and replacing it with their own weapon or the 27th heavy weapon smh. Characters like fahz that can build their own lockers, should have a passive affect to lockdown their lockers. preventing other players from moving it or remove any weapons from it. Only it’s owner would be able to perform these actions. Along with unlocking slots for other’s to use. I also feel that character specific fortifications should be upgradeable(<–is that even a word?) to a least a level 2 by that character , without the need of an engineer.


If it were me, I’d just start throw their weapons out too, or smelting them if there’s a forge. These people need to learn fast. And while it may seem like a bit of a dcikmove on my part, I’d happily sabotage a game and fail if my team are being completely unreasonable. I mean, as you say it’s not much to expect to have one or two weapon locker spots.


lol he said lockdown the locker, that’s funny. Yeah Fahz is great, takes skill to use unlike JD. JD is very OP. Yeah I don’t know why people gotta steal your weapons like that though. That would piss me off. I don’t know why people are like that.


Same i would just ruin the session, throw every heavy on the ground move everything n spend all power. Good 1 is pick up the locker so nobody can use it. Thats gears for u tho…

Oh, I do. I don’t play that jacking of weapon’s locker sh**. When I see someone jack my locker, I go right over and take their weapon out, right in front of their face and throw it on the ground. I shouldn’t have to do such actions though. people are so greedy and inconsiderate. Had JD player that was constantly removing my longshot to replace it with his GL. Wouldn’t put up the energy when I told him I’d get him is own either. I got so feed up with him taking over my locker, that I had it destroyed. I felt a kinda way about having to act so petty, but some people man…smh

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He was maybe wanting u to use HIS gl.

Haha of course the JD took your locker lol. Feels bad

Nah, we had an idiot engineer that wouldn’t build a weapons locker, no matter how many times you asked. All he cared about was his own kill count from his sentries, while we suffered on ammo. like I said, that JD player would not put his energy into the fabricator so I get him his own locker; since the engineer refused to. He keep throwing my depleted longshot on the ground to fill his GL. He was just being a selfish a-hole.

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That’s JD players for you bro. Not all of them but the majority are bad.

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The spam is real, bro. :laughing:

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Yeah most JD’s are the worst dude. Hopefully they balance him.

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Just to add, I don’t think there’s really anything that can be done about players who do selfish things like this. People have come up with all kinds of ideas, but I just found alot of them unnecessarily restricting and draconian. Ideas like allowing only the engineer to build stuff, or the scout to collect power etc. My best advice is to play with friends. Build up a list of contacts and play with them using private lobbies instead. Public matchmaking is such a lottery. I have my core group of contacts who I play Horde with and it’s just much more fun - we know each other from the GOW4 days, know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, playstyles, we use mics to communicate, share knowledge, call out enemies, chat and have a laugh. Aside from special Horde events I haven’t used public matchmaking at all since GOW5 came out. At most I might use the pirvate lobby page, but that’s a rarity for me.


Nah. The real trick is to let them crawl when they get downed.


100% agree, this is a huge problem. I usually don’t ask for much, depending on character I usually can make do with one or two slots, yet I often find my weapons missing to instead store our team’s twenty-first salvo, which much like the others already stored won’t be used at all in the match. And if it’s not storing heavy weapons as decorations in lockers it’s the JD:s who requires 12 slots of GL:s to be able to carpetbomb endlessly for entire rounds. Most JD players seem to have some misapprehension about them being entitled to all lockers before other players, while in reality they wouldn’t need any more than other players if they would just stop to think and play a little less unga bunga.
I mentioned in a thread sometime ago that locking slots to specific players was a needed feature, and this feels more needed than ever nowadays.
I expect someone will say that the solution is to only play with known good players, while this would be a solution it’s not always possible, and it would be nice to have a possibility of also playing with randoms.

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It’s a mixed bag for me as far weapons locker stealing I main engineer so wen I see particularly greedy behavior I call it out if it happens again I leave group disband and make another one kinda roundabout but it cuts down on the headache of dealing with “troll’s” my biggest pet peeve is selfish engineers who prioritize sentries over barriers ,weapon lockers, even the forge that’s ■■■■ is insta game over for me.

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The irony is that sentries are nowhere near as effective compared to GOW4. Any engineer who thinks that sentries can be used in the same way is foolish and/or naive. Sentries are there to provide support nowadays, and there is a much bigger emphasis on players actually shooting the enemy in GOW5.

Whenever I play with my friends and we have a JACK, broadly our order of building is:

  1. Forge
  2. Level up forge to level 2
  3. Weapon locker for JD
  4. 2-4 barriers to slow enemy advance
  5. Upgrade locker to level 2
  6. Upgrade forge to level 3
  7. Build second locker and upgrade to level 2 so other players can reload weapons.
  8. If enemy spawn includes those carrying important weapons (Cryo-cannon for example) then build a 3rd locker
  9. Upgrade existing barriers
  10. Upgrade forge to level 4

And everything else comes after. It’s a broad and general guide of course. We adjust it as and when necessary. Sentries don’t even come into it until these basics are done first.

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I had someone take by GL (with max bleed for those that hate JD) and claimed it was a lancer. I guess I couldn’t fault the ignorant after is functions as a lancer too.

And that’s why Fahz immediately gets thrown out of my lobbies. Always going on about how good and skillful he is when the reality is that a match with Fahz in the team is doomed from the very beginning.

That’s ironic coming from the horse-beater.

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I’m not entirely sure whether I see what the point of your post is. Or how Fahz is related to people stealing or dropping others’ weapons from a locker, unless it’s sarcasm(as a note, I don’t do that, I’m more likely to go find another match if I’m not host of the lobby with that guy who keeps dropping others’ weapons out even when you don’t need any further GLs or heavy weapons, if they don’t listen to text chat requests to stop).


My point is that the people that complain about getting their weapons thrown out of the lockers are most likely the kind of Fahz that commit suicide midwave and clutter up entire lockers with longshots while contributing little to nothing to the game.

Sure, Fahz might be good in the right hands but my experience so far was 100% negative unless I knew the guy playing him.