Something more noticeable for downed players (Horde)

So I’ve noticed when people go down in horde you can’t really tell unless your right next to them and you hear heavy breathing. Maybe they should add some unique audio the team can hear when an ally goes down any where on the map.

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There is also a cross above their character (sometimes it doesn’t show up to be fair) so that makes finding them easy most of the time.

This is a real problem and has been for quite some time. A glitch for sure as the cross doesn’t show up for a downed teammate.

Happens on daily bases. There needs to be a more comprehensive way of alerting your team that your down. I myself have missed downed teammates so often that it’s embarrassing! There has been no notification on the screen unless I’m in the party and a friend screams “Ahhhh I’m Down Beside You”

Most times your in me middle of a fight and it’s hard to notice.


Should just bring back the big icon that pops up in Gears 2 of the character. You’ll definitely notice then

Forgot about that. That would be a great addition.