Something Interesting about Halo's rank system

Heard this from a Halo player named MintBlitz
He was talking about finding games and how there is this thing called MMR which stands for Matchmaking Rank that is a hidden value in the game deciding what type of teammates you’ll get.

For example you’re a really good player and there are 8 people in the lobby, you being the best player in that lobby so you are tagged as Rank.1 Everyone else will be valued from 2 to 8. According to skill level if you’re really really good and rank 1 you’ll get ranks 6,7 and 8. Pretty much putting the worst players on Rank 1’s team to balance out the board.

I don’t know how true all of this is but it obviously comes with its set of issues. Does anyone here believe this could be the case with Gears 5 PvP? There really isn’t enough information at hand though, Like what determines someones rank within a lobby. K/D, score, MVP, etc
It could really be anything. I remember Gears 4 having a “true skill system” and this really reminded me of that. Let me know what you guys think/know.

I mean, this was most certainly the case with 5 back at launch. The better player you were, the worst team you had.
I don’t think its quite as biased now, but it does seem to be pretty similar

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That sounds like a nightmare. To be the best and get the 3 worst.

I didn’t mind the launch with the team’s point total being averaged to find a team with a similar average point score. Honestly if the effort was there this model could have been worked to be better than what we have now with the +2 / -2.

TC used a modified form of TrueSkill2 which was made in tandem with some of the folks at 343. An interesting paper as well.

I’ll link a thread to the forums on Halo Waypoint for those who are interested. Gears 4 and Gears 5 use a very similar system.

MMR will exist for Gears 5. It probably won’t be called that internally but that will be a major factor in balancing teams.


You guys never heard of SBMM?

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Now it’s just + or - 2 for your rank.

So anyone who fits the bill.

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This was kind of involved in the older ranking system but in a different manner. Idk how it’ll work because players 1,6,7,8 (team1) vs 2,3,4,5 (team 2)

Is still unbalance because team 2 has an overall better team than team 1. Even though team 2 doesn’t have the best player, they have the second which along 3 other players (3,4,5) that are better than most of the enemy team (6,7,8)

Player 1 will most likely carry his team

Not necessarily. If player 1 is vastly better than the others in the match, and players 2-8 are relatively close in skill, then it would compensate for player 1’s higher skill rating.

I imagine given the population of both Gears 5 and Halo 5, its nearly impossible to find a balanced match, so this scenario is more likely to happen.

The old system out too much emphasis on high ranked players.

1 good player cannot compensate for 3-4 low skilled players.

But the game would assume that it’s ok to matchmake against a all round team in this way.

@o_F_3_R_R_3_T_o created a thread which looks into this issue.

A link to that thread :

Interesting observations can be made.

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