Something I’ve noticed regarding the COG Commandos

They both seem to not have any kind of grunts, pains or death screams. They don’t make any noise when charging at enemies with the retro or rolling/evading in any direction. It’s almost like they’re silent ninja type characters that you can actually get away with being sneaky for the COG side apart from a few lines they say during combat or emotes.


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Prescott also had zero noise when retro charging, grunting etc
it is just a Nazi version of the “ah S***, here we go again” meme"

Its a variant of a meme based on a scene from GTA san Andreas

Cj normally says “ah ■■■■ here we go again”

I might be wrong but that just looks like the same thing, only written in german with the soldier there to add more explanation to the meme.

The relevance to posting said meme is probably to highlight new characters always seem to release with voice line issue, hoffman was a previous one.


Perfect Explanation mate :+1: :sweat_smile:

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They are just that badass that they don’t show emotion anymore

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