Something i noticed about ranked TDM..... or just coincidence

I recently started playing gears 5 since the new title update as things were pretty bad before so i was hoping that this would be a fresh start.

I always play ranked TDM and for the past week and it’s as bad as ever! Gnasher not registering and just the overall feel of the game just doesn’t feel fluent so i decided to try KOTH.

Although we lost the game everything was sooooo much better regarding the gnasher so my question to TC and everyone in the community would be: is ranked TDM broken?

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Its funny because KOTH feels worse to me than TDM. They are probably both bad. Maybe if you are having more success it might make you feel like there are less problems.


True that lol but ultimately if a person’s having a better experience in a different play list then everyone’s a winner lol

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from the amount of inconsistency post being wrong in the forum and reddit. i will need to see a video showing me your actual gameplay. 8/10 of these gameplay videos have been people with high sense and bad aim. i mean no disrespect to you at all.

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I’ll definitely get something put up on a YouTube link or something real soon but i do think the xbox recording quality is kinda poor so I’ve been looking for an excuse to whip out the laptop and purchase a mid range price capture card.

Any suggestions? A usb type would be preferred.

just use the xbox capture and share it here.

Nah, the last update was meant to FIX the gnasher, per TC.

Clearly it did not under a lot of circumstances.

You ever shoot someone in gib range, get two hit markers then die, respawn then see the remaining hit markers?

You ever shot someone 4 times for 98% damage?

Have your gnasher flat out refuse to fire?

It’s broken.

Looks like the gnasher and hit detection in general was “fixed” for wifi play and / or abysmal connections to the server.

im going to say this. It works for me. it is way more consistent hipfiring for sure since this update.
yes i get 98% 's yes theres BS in gears like every single one of them.

Because of my subjective opinion i would love to see proof of this inconsistency because there is another post on this thread , about this, and the gameplay video shows him missing every shot.

heres the post here:

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See if u had me lancering, u wouldnt need to worry about no stupid ■■■ 98%.

?? uhh ok.

I agree with you. As a player whose onyx in both categories I completely relatable to you.

I played over 1,300 tdm matches & the gnasher is so inconsistent. Gib range is stupendous. 1 shot your critical hit or you can point blank & no registry…

As for KOH , I played 8 matches & went from bronze 1 to Onyx 2. My gnasher felt prime. I don’t know why the contrast.

I’ve been saying this all along & some people just don’t understand. But I’m 100% with you on this.

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Honestly, I think you are right most of it is typical Gears crap. I think part of the problem is now with hit markers you see shots that hit and you expect the same shot to repeat. In the past you didnt know all the time if a shot landed so you would assume maybe you missed. It definitely seems worse to me than Gears 4, but it could just be mental and due to having more information with hit markers and knowing the % you supposedly did to your opponent. But it does seem a lot different to me when the match has all the pings in the same range vs. low and high pingers or fluctuating pingers. But that is no different than Gears 4 or any Gears for that matter.

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My credentials. Most people here just talk to talk. But I’m true. I have the rank & gameplay to express. I’m not just a bronze player bashing every high level just to feel good about myself. & I’m not just trashing the game I only play.

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But the quality isn’t very clear and when i watch content creators theirs look crystal clear

And yes to all 3 the evil moo

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Eh don’t worry about showing proof. Anyone whose played ranked feels your pain. People swear they have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s like, have you played the game recently?

Having played so much ranked with a k/d of 2.06 in ranked I know you’re not just complaining to complain.

It’s like I’m a high caliber player & even I see through it. I only play for my friends at this point. The days of me being excited to play aren’t there , currently.

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Thanks pal. I’m not worried about it i just want to get to the bottom of it all and if that means capturing some go 1080 footage just for my self to check then it’s something I’d like to have a play with that’s all

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I miss my shots apparently… always takes me more work to kill than to be killed. How crazy is that. Hah.

No 1 said they didnt know what he was talking about…you clearly didn’t read anyone responses in this thread, so let me quote it for you.

None of these responses say that we dont know what hes talking about or he’s here to complain about complaining, we want to make sure he’s actually dealing with said issues and not having bad aim. this is a forum to elevate others and get to the problem and not talk down to people who have responded to OP Post. If you actually click the thread that i link, another user posted about the gnasher inconsistency and in his gameplay vid he actually missed about 4 shots.

Just that one guys video y’all bashed him saying he missed his shots but I saw different. Yeah maybe 1 missed shot. But y’all act like you haven’t been there. & that’s fine. But I can relate & im just as frustrated. Nothing against y’all. I just want the spectrum to be know that no matter you’re rank we’re all in this together experiencing this.

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i didn’t bash him at all… I told him he missed and to lower his sense to get some stiffness in his hipfire, i even continued on to give him my controller sense. Also if you slowed down the video you can see the pellets actually going outwards , missing 2 enemies , leading to a missed Up A and death.