Something I Haven't Seen Before

That n00bs film…
What’s the deal with that?
You can make it to the finals of a GoW competition just slowly walking towards your opponent?

I’m sure there was some discussion about the film when it came out, myself I only watched it once many years ago (not even 100% sure of the name), but I’m interested to read YOUR thoughts, sure it was stylised crap, do YOU think it’d be any different if it was made today?

Exactly what do you mean by “That n00bs film”?

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I thought that was the actual name of the film.
If I’m wrong please correct me.
Listen’ to Cube ‘F**k Dying’ see how much I care 'bout the name.
Point is the movie did more bad than good for GoW.

Hang on now, I won’t have anyone talking smack about noobz. That movie was so influential that it single handily launched the esports scene for gears, maybe even all of gaming. So when you see a chrome steel Kait afk in the spawn you better be thinking of noobz.

Okay, pretty much what I took from that film,
The smell of vgina takes over any sense comradary…
I sincerely dont wish to offend in any way, but to me, that’s what that movie portais.
1 hour & a half of a complete waste of time.
At least Jason Mewes got money that didn’t come from View Askew. That’s something.