Something has to be done with 2v2 Matchmaking

We all know this game has connection issues but it’s nearly impossible to deal with it when someone is pinging high with severe fluctuation. Almost every match I’m being placed into I have a sub-20ms ping while the opponents have 70ms and above with severe spikes yet I’m at the disadvantage. It’s ridiculous that I’m doing 5% damage in 1 hit according to the game even though on my end I clearly hit them 5+ times. Add in the fact they’re shooting what feels like a Boomshot at me and you have a perfect mix for frustration.

Please, for the sake of this game, tighten up these ping filters. It’s bad enough in Core but it’s unplayable as hell with Gnashers only I’m Competitive. The only counter for these delays placed upon my low ping is a rifle but if the mode doesn’t have one what am I supposed to do? The Gnasher is useless in these matches and there’s no counter for their lag. I’ll be done with this mode once I get the achievement but shame on you for releasing mode and achievement that’s so dependent on connection without first fixing the issues.

The best way to put this is that I shouldn’t be penalized for having Top 1% internet in the USA while players in a country benefit from internet that’s not even 1% as good as mine. Just block Mexico based players from these matches because even with a longer queue time the game would still be 100% more enjoyable than having every match ruined by players that pay for lowly pathetic DSL. Let them play with each other and let us enjoy the game without lag for once.

Edit: It’s a shame Battlefield V is such a poorly made game or I’d move onto that. The EA Access Trial saved me $60 and I canceled my preorder. It’s a shame because I didn’t see even a bit of lag on 64 player servers with a wide variation of pings. Now I have to either deal with Gears or just not play anything at all. :cry:


You know I completely agree with you. The sad part is that its never gonna happen. Why would TC acknowledge it now?

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I’ve accepted that they won’t do this in other modes but it’s a necessity in 2v2 because you have to get up close and the shots just don’t register consistently. In a normal match I’d counter this lag with a rifle but I don’t have that option here and it really makes the experience frustrating. I’ve seen several times where I’m in the center of the middle billboard and the enemy is on the far right. He blind fires the Gnasher around the corner and kills me in a single shot. This is the same high ping player that eats 5 bullets for 0%.

That brings me to this question: where is this enemy standing? Because it’s obviously no where near where I’m being told as he couldn’t shoot me from there. Also, for him to eat bullets like that means my game tells me he’s in one place (13ms ping on my end) but the game is taking his 120mw and using that as the true location.

1st we’ve had similar convos tooooooooooo many times at this point lol. But anyways for Tc to acknowledge it now would bring hell from the fans. Regardless if it NEEDS to be done. And I’ve died too many times by that blindfire it really pisses me off because I know there is no way they got that shot off or the fact that it even hit me and not the wall. 1 thing that I’ve noticed more in this mode is that I’ll slide to cover and get shot by someone who doesn’t even move on my screen.

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I’m seeing a lot of “sliding” similar to that video @AliceInChainsaw posted a while ago. :joy:

what thread was this on? you got my curiosity going lol

I just looked but I can’t seem to find it. @AliceInChainsaw, please share that video when you can. :grin:

Im from uk n most ppl are around 30 ping but u get the odd playr at upto 150 ping playing boxes, yet thers still trades in a gm mode in the COMPETITIVE playlist. Pretty sure thers supposed to be no trades in competitive settings…

I’d accept it a bit more if most games had players in the 30ms range. But the majority are 80+ and the game breaks around that level so it becomes inconsistent and unplayable. :cry:

I no what u mean i sometimes play with my american friends pinging at 90>160 n majority of the gams i get kills while im not even looking at the person i just killed but then the same happens here. 1 match of koth i was the only player on my tm at a decent 30 ping the 4 others were 250, they all sent me a FR which i declined. ended up blocking them as they kept spamming invites

The worst part is in these matches I have to intentionally miss in order to have a chance at a kill. You’d think a sub-20 ping would mean I shoot where I see them but that isn’t the case here. I just wish they’d address the issues with low ping but they won’t even acknowledge it as an issue despite the large amount of proof showing it is an issue.

A while ago i began to not rely on the gnasher for getting kills unless i need to like when playing koth, mostly get drop n boom or sniper when not playing koth n get easy kills that way. Blood drive i just camp with the hammer n let every one else pick up the pieces, play with too many donkeys who think they can only get kills with gnasher n then they say “i got mvp” yeah but ur kill n deaths are the same< donkey. Lol

Hi mate. When Gears is peeing you off you could try Titanfall*. It is the only other game I play that feels almost as good as Gears.

*I have actually had fun with the Halo’s as well.

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I played the hell out of Titanfal 2 back when it came out.

Good stuff. I prefer Titanfall, better maps, better movement, just better…Where have we heard that the preceding game(s) were better than what came after :wink:

There’s definitely something wrong with the matchmaking and overall netcode here. Up 3-0 and the enemy has a sudden spike to 300ms in two straight matches and I start having ghost inputs and shots not registering. A slide into the center of a wall glitches me into a roll right and right into a Gnasher.

Thank you so much for this nonsense. Why do you allow this?

Edit: 9ms ping and I’m being one shot from 10 feet away but these enemies sponge point blanks. They also are shooting around walls and during rolls even though they were never actually looking at me. Is this for real? Something MUST be done to stop my superb connection from being at a disadvantage!

Edit: Another game with a 9ms ping and once again movements were delayed, killed around walls and shots didn’t register. Competitive Gnasher with a low ping is UNPLAYABLE. My superb ping is playing catch up to their higher ping. How is this even remotely possible!?

Seriously, I’m finishing up these achievements and I’m done with this piece of crap. The coding is done so poorly you’d think a pre-school kid came up with the idea.

Edit: Another match with a 9ms ping against a 105ms that exhibited every symptom that I’ve explained above. Being killed through walls, shots not registering, teleporting and more cheating.

This game sucks. Weak Gnasher and I’m forced to battle people who are ahead of me in game time while I’m behind with a ping 100ms lower than theirs with their Gnasher shooting double-power Core pellets. Yes, that makes a lot of freakin sense! You want constructive feedback? Here it is; fix the lag!


Was just helping a friend get his achievements… 2 straight games where we were in the middle of the game and we were kicked back to the home screen because of server issues. A prior game before that we were playing against a team that was one-sided as one of their guys did nothing but sit in spawn, how he didn’t lag out or get kicked for idling I’ll never know, but on one round I rushed the center, peeked out of the side and fired, the opponent took me out. It registered that I did no damage to him when I know I did… but that’s not what concerns me… what concerns me is that the guy that was playing who took my head clean off did 70% damage and the guy who was just idling in spawn doing absolutely nothing somehow managed to do the other 30% damage on me,



Another game against Mexicans that were shooting through walls and mid roll. My ping was 40ms and they had 90ms with large spikes. 5 shots (3 point blank) netted me a 4% damage in one hit.

As usual, one of them has the ESS clan tag. The fake ones are always laggy.

Edit: Just played a game where 3 of us pinged 65ms and one at 13ms. Needless to say, as one of the 65ms, the game was butter! Now why can’t the game run like this when I have a 13ms ping?

Edit; next match against Mexicans. My ping 40ms theirs was 100ms with large spikes. They were shooting through walls, eating bullets, shooting while sliding/rolling and every other bunch of ■■■■■■■■ you can even imagine. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong here, right? Stop pairing me with laggy Mexicans! Their connection is aids and should only be paired with other crappy connections.

Edit: Another match. Players pinging at 70ms but I was at 7ms. Very delayed on trigger pulls and inputs with lots of me being shot around walls. Please, just stop giving me a 7ms ping. I’m tired of these low pings it’s a disadvantage and NEVER works unless everyone is under 15ms.

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I agree with this, but for some reason my ping is always 40+ ms higher in 2v2 then any other game mode. Why? it should be lower seeing that im connecting to fewer people right?

Likely the server they’re placing you on is further away from the server you normally connect to. There’s less players in this playlist so it makes sense. The same thing is happening to my friend from Texas. Since I’m from Illinois it should theoretically place us on Illinois or South servers but it’s placing is on US East so his ping is higher.