Something happened to gears 2?

All my other gears work and operate ok although for some reason gears 2 has for some reason restarts my horde progression kills, level etc. when i exit the session or come back to gears 2 is there any troubleshooting that would help or what can i do

It happened to me 4 times, most due to something as simple as an internet disconnect. I’d load it up, offline, and it would reset for some magical reason.

Then again that was a combination of the Xbox 360, my luck and 6 title updates.

But anyway, I’m not sure how it plays on Xbox One but unfortunately you most likely need to start over.

It happened to me when I had every achievement and had wings as well. To get my wings back and some of my War Journal progression, I did the old Gears 2 glitch where you can duplicate your account state to another one.

I’m sure you could Google it and find it on YouTube. But basically you just have an account which has all the stats you want (level 80, level 100, whatever) and sign in with it. It will probably be a friend’s account. Start up Training Grounds and then while it’s loading, quickly sign out and sign into the account with stats erased (do this all before the loading screen is over). It will give that account the same ones as the first one.

Now I may have gotten that backward because I’m going off memory (maybe you have to start signed in with the account that has erased stats). It’s important to not do it backwards, otherwise you will have erased stats on both accounts. So if you want to do this, figure out which way is correct via YouTube or something.

Thanks guys much appreciation

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