Something Funny

Operation 6 had scanty content. Only two maps and very few characters.

Everyone hated Speyer.

I value maps > characters. The only good thing to come out of operation 6 was the map ‘Tomb’. Fantastic map.
Also the Nexus Horde Event, that was great too.

They shifted from 15/16 week operation to a 11 week operation so they could deliver good content, and focus more on PvP. Operation 6 does not remotely resemble what they said.

Operation 7 and 8 are going to be the last operations for Gears 5.

Content is going to be exactly the same as operation 6. Don’t be disappointed when it releases.

They try to distract us from the lackluster content in the future operations by increasing the grind even further.
They add 10 more re-up levels.

Players who were already Re-Up 50, now have to grind even further. Extra EXP goes to waste.

The goalpost of “Grinding” keeps shifting, it never ends.

Everyone please laugh at the funny.


With OP8. That’s the sad part. Why even announce it then?


I can forgive all of this if TC brings back 5v5.




No one is forcing anyone to do anything
Where is this mentality of forcing you to do something coming from


That’s what needs to happen
Gears is boring without it

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That is the point. Myself, like a lot of other people, don’t play the game that much because they (TC)don’t care about content just increasing the grind. That is how they try to increase game life and activity by increasing the grind. The fact that you aren’t bothered to grind doesn’t mean that other people aren’t “addicted” to grinding. I jump on the play the daily horde frenzy or escape if I like the mutators or map. That’s it. The game is extremely boring after pouring hundreds of hours into it.

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Thays what I do
Play the dailies then leave

The problem to this game lies elsewhere but it seems they don’t want to fix that
One of the huge issues plaguing this game will be gone by the time gears 6 launches

The new Server blades will have gears 6 playing smooth AF ( next to it being current gen exclusive )

They need to bring back 5v5
Just to start

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I just want to hear the reason as to why they are adding more? I mean we can already accurately guess but would love to see the statement from TC. If its because players wanted more levels than please point out these actual players because from everything I have heard in game and out no one wants more levels.

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Extra re-ups are just meant as something to keep people busy with. I’m perfectly fine with them unless they tie them to achievements, in which case it would mean they didn’t learn a single thing.

Sucks that the end has a time stamp on it after only a year and half since release, guess the investors lost their patience and TC had to acknowledge that there is little they can do to revert this scenario.

Good laughs dude, keep em coming.

If TC wants to do Re-Up achievements in the future just make it for Re-Upping for the first time and maybe a second time not Re-Up 40 times. Please have zero achievement tied to Re-Up 50 and 60 for the love of god.

Grind? You should play Destiny, that is what grind is. Moving up in this game is cake and you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to. Also, you can play other games, you don’t have to play this 24/7

Destiny is a looter shooter. Looter shooters are meant to be grindy.

I started playing Borderlands 3 a couple of months ago, and I would argue it’s more grindy than gears in some aspects. I enjoy it though, and that’s because the grind is literally the biggest thing about the game itself.

Gears 5 is a third person shooter. It’s supposed to be mindless fun. I’ve played gears 5 for days, and I’m not even close to getting level 6 cards on all of my PvE classes. Some of them, sure. But all of them, hell no

I am aware, and there’s grindy then there is destiny which is grind plus.

You know what, you make a good point also, I am a PvP player and I forgot there was even a PvE part with stuff you needed to level. I have no idea how that works so my bad.

I challenge you to go level up a character fully, and also get all level 6 cards.

I think you’ll understand then lmao.

You could probably use a break from this games ■■■■■■■ PvP anyways.

Grinding is a funny thing. Everyone wants to finish as fast as possible but when done they often feel they have nothing to work for and wish they were still on the journey.

I don’t mind extra re-ups especially if they have some good XP events leading up to Gears 6 kinda like what Gears 2 did. That way I will always have something to work for but if I’m too far behind before G6 I can quickly bridge the gap before it comes out during the anticipation period just prior to 6 coming out when I’ll be playing G5 anyway because I’ll be excited for it and have Gears fever.