Something from the halo forums

Some interesting information.

Seems way too farfetched for me.

I’d be interested in seeing more about this if people continue to investigate, but I just have a hard time seeing it.

Interesting read, but I still need my tin foil hat for now if I were to believe this instead of bad netcode, wonky aim mechanics(looking at you, Gears 5 and “aim triangle” that makes shots hit walls when the gun clears them because “we need to expose people more when shooting even outside of PvP modes”) and actually bad servers.

This 100% exists in FIFA. I don’t think it does in other games.

iirc Riot and Bethesda(?) have similiar patents on stuff like this. Imagine thinking game companies want to treat their customers with respect.

Imagine not believing something from the internet straight away while still thinking that companies should respect their costumers. I don’t need to make a passive aggressive remark to tell someone something.

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