Something for TC to look at?

I do believe TC maybe in Op6 or a more future Op need to address the fortifications and the enemies in PvP.

They can down us too easy but we can’t down them very easy, can take a whole lancer mag ? How is that right?
Shepard can just punch you and your down :face_with_raised_eyebrow: whats up with that?
Imago one bullet and your down, Elite Drone one bullet and your down. If their bullet sponges at least allow us to take a few bullets in higher difficulties before falling to the ground.

The Tap. They added this health thing, increased the power given, added a tap in wave 1 all over time to make people secure them more often. I did notice this working and people bothering with them but if the placement is no good people don’t secure them. I have even noticed people picking up the fab dropping it just to see where the tap is and then moving near it and hosts going back to lobby and keep restarting until the tap is where they want it to be.

Let us move them or add something in the fab to say like “You can now build a tap” and obvs make it Free. I know the original idea was they wanted people to expand their bases and just to protect them but its not worth it on master and or any difficulty over Insane really. Or maybe they could make it buildable only on higher difficulties. But obvs limited to buying one every so many waves just like it is already.

Enemies should not be destroying the taps or ignoring us to destroy the taps. There have been so many times when I’m right next to an enemy and they are just standing there shooting at the tap one time there were about 4 imago shooting it until its broken then they come over to you. I do not think they should be doing that we should be first not the tap. They apparently did increase the health of the tap but i still think the tap breaks too easy, leech bangs on it for a bit in a wave and its broken, it should do the minimalist damage for enemies low on the chain like leeches, trackers, juvies and obvs Scions doing more, it makes more sense but they should be focused on us first not destroying the tap first.

Level 3 and 4 barrier, why bother upgrading them if they take a lifetime to repair and break quicker than the tap when a warden hits it. Increase their health a lot lot more, we shouldn’t be getting level 2 barriers because they last longer than level 4 ones and don’t take longer to repair, that just doesn’t make sense ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It should benefit the team by upgrading it, we shouldn’t be at a disadvantage because it takes agessss to repair, it should be quicker because its been UPGRADED,
When Apple and Samsung made when their new phones they didn’t say we will charge 1000$ for this but it take 10 hours to fully charge, every phone is meant to be better so each upgrade we do is suppose to be better than the last not worse, its an UPGRADE not a DOWNGRADE

Bosses that bang down or attempt to attack near you and break a fortification that was not near the attack. If the tap or barrier was not in the direction or under where the enemy is how did they manage to break it? But some boss enemies can just walk through fortifactions and not break them but a Matriack can just run and break everything ?

Lastly, this Wakaatu thing? It flies, drops them venom bombs, goes under ground, shoots the green stuff out its mouth as well. ? Someone had a field day designing this boss. “”Its gonna do this, and this and this and we can even get it to do this”. :joy::face_with_raised_eyebrow: yet we got snatcher and carrier which i don’t think are close on this new boss. All a Swarmak can do is shoot at you it can’t teleport and dodge your bullets lol :joy::joy:. Not saying the boss is bad but it can do a lot compared to the other bosses we have. I would rather have a carrier than one of them wakaatu bird / worms things. I know the other bosses can do other things but in terms of the spread of damage done the wakaatu can do damage when you cannot even see it. :joy::joy:

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Play Tank classes. If you want Heaven and Hell difficulty, DMC or Metros Ranger mode might be more to your liking.

Depends. It can create interesting matches depending on the tap-locations if you play with a full squad. You could also use Lahni as your personal pitbull that stays near taps. Already played like this a few times.


To stop enemies from getting over certain coverpieces.

@ last point. Are you saying the Wakaatu is good or bad? Cause I quite enjoy fighting it. No insta-wipe ■■■■■■■■ like the Swarmak or Kestrel.

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I don’t go in many matches where people actually upgrade the barriers to 3 or 4 and if they do they break but they keep fixing them but don’t repair them so they just get broke after one touch.

I know the full reason why we upgrade them but my point was more we should be upgrading to these levels more than level 2 because they are supposed to be better not worse.

Unsure on the new boss its an interesting one. Its something different but it defiantly feel like a team of guys were in a room and were just firing out all of these ideas of a new boss and someone in charge just said “we will make it do everything” lol :joy::joy::joy:

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It really depends on the location. When you’re inside the store-location on Checkout you can build 4 barriers and no enemy will be able to get in through the middle so you can focus on the left and right. Or Bunker, the little room on each side of the map. You can block the huge window leading to the middle of the map. Or if you set up in the room with the 2 staircases you can block the ladder.

Eh, would be weird to change how barriers work after all these years.

But that’s the thing. You can clearly tell what and when he’s gonna do something. All of his attacks are clearly telegraphed and can be avoided if you pay attention. I really like the chicken.

Do you agree though? Us upgrading them should be improving them not making them worse? Maybe they haven’t really thought about it, because its been so long they think “oh its fine” but really the idea they are doing of an “upgrade” is backwards they have it like it should be starting at level 4 and going up to level 1 because people use 1 and 2 barriers more, they shouldn’t be better than 3 and 4 because they haven’t been upgraded to max.

Amount of power you have to put in to upgrading barriers to the max its defo not worth it and it should be.

Thats what makes me think they should look into addressing it and trying to improve it as its not an upgrade if its worse than the one before.

Is it a chicken i dunno man, chickens don’t fly and go underground its a weird thing :joy::joy:, i cannot think of anything that actually does that :joy::joy:


Not really. In a way they’re already an upgrade. The overall health and cost to fix them could use some balancing, but other than that they’re fine.

Tentacle Chicken do that.

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