Something different, full ranked TDM gameplay oh and I clutch up

i have been uploading my montages on here and getting great feedback. Wanted to try something new. im kind of nervous doing this because im used to editing out the mess ups but im no pro and every dog has its day. take it easy guys. ranked tdm

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That’s cool.

I honestly hate TDM now. I won’t even play it.

I used to play nothing but TDM. I think I have 30 days on that mode.

But because I get 2 random teammates it really kills the fun for me.

2 uncoordinated randoms.

They were supposed to be fixing TDM to make it more competitive but that was a lie.

People moaned & cried about king being real crossy so they destroyed my go to mode.

I could go on & on.

I really hate TC for doing this to my mode.

& idc what any one has to say. If you don’t have 30 days of tdm don’t come at me like you know the mode.


Dude they got rid of my guardian :frowning: and bro the ppl who still play ranked tdm are holding they’re controllers upside down it sucks but I just do my best to make something happen


I dont think the people playing tdm. Know tht they actually have an objective in tdm


Its infuriating. Im the only person trying to keep 3 opposing players from getting boom…
Mean while on the other side of the map ( all fathers)
They still cant keep the 1 opposing player from getting the snipe.
Wtf :thinking:. It literally a guarantee loss 99 % of the time.



They just be doing god knows what.

I guess that’s why it’s less crossy but more campy than ever.

King players want to come on my mode & complain about crossing? I guess they never played diamond or master fights in king…

But the king players won & segregated TDM to parties of 2.

No more competitive edge.

Completely casual.

It’s really infuriating.

I gave up TDM.


I disagree. Snipe>Boom

you’ll be lucky to get 2 kills with a boomshot, whereas with a sniper you much more consistently get more downs/kills.

One of the strategies I typically employ is that I tell my team to all go for 1 (maybe 2 if its closeby) pickup weapons as your chances of getting 1 pickup weapon if you do it that way is extremely high whereas if you have everybody split up it just means that you can end up in a scenario where enemy team has all pickups and then its a GG.

I lose about 90% of the games I lose because my team employs worse strategy, very rarely will I play an enemy team that’s better skill wise, people get carried to Masters because all you need is a brain and ability to Lancer to win games.

Edit: I’m a KOTH kitty btw :cat2:


Its a completely different ball game for TDM.
Nothing but randoms who imo look like they have never played tdm let alone gears.
Its insanely hard to rank up in tdm now.

I shouldnt derank because my team keeps rushing ( not by wolk packing mind you) but by rushing in 1 by 1. I sit back and watxh it happen over and over again.
Im dying because my teammates are literally boxed me in
( happened 2 matches on a row)
Its a mind f. C k how we will dominate the first round then all of the sudden get slaughtered because for wht ever reason. My team starts playing completely different. Example. They will randomly start wall bouncing for no reason wht so ever.
I hate koth. And ffa is nothing but random Bs where the game isnt registering shots.
Another thing in ffa ive noticed is. The person with a ping of atleast 60 to 90 ms always wins. Because they eat shots like crazy.
I dont know. Im just going off topic now. Im just so sick of the randomness of this game and its gotten worse imo since they started slowing this game down.

Sick of inputs not registering and wasnt nearly as bad when the game was faster ( more fluid)
This game shouldnt be slower than it was at launch.
Still waiting for the net code to be explained in the developer stream. There is always an excuse and its always. Next week i ( dana) should have some answers.

I would make a post but it really is pointless. Nothing ever changes except for more delays and slow downs.

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