Something change gameplay in the new update?

Ive always been hardwired.

Apology accepted,and appreciated.

I’d like to give information about the symbols, but 1. I need to know which ones, because being both a PC and Xbox player, I see a lot of different ones from the system and in game even in my own experiences - everyone’s experience is different, and 2. I have to go chase that information and having examples helps me, and/or CS, to do that.

I want to help. I can’t always help, but I want to. To have the best chance of that, screenshots, tickets, and information will help.

This is a damn fine community, and I smile daily that I get to work with it. Let’s make it easier on us all, eh?


Just hope you don’t run into the bad apples. There is a few of those in here too.

Mine doesn’t seem to do that, it only rarely drops. Do know wired connection is better though. But currently can’t have one. (Awaiting inbound sheep emotes.)


Now why would I do you like that? I mostly have to use wifi as well . Ping is always way lower on wires connection though.

Isn’t the symbol with the lightning bolt/tunnel, packet lost interruption or basically failing to reach their destination.

Here they are.!AhAXlTdP_i3WgQ6oVqk8jOQUvNTw!AhAXlTdP_i3WgQ8PdGNa-qwBmvZb

If u check the last second or two of the 2nd clip u can see me n my tm8 swap pings,:thinking:


Thank you, very much appreciated.

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The Ping Swappers

Coming to a theater near you… or Video on Demand if Covid-19 continues for much longer.


Lol, ill just stream of some dodgy web site. But no seriously how the F does our ping swap?

U think its just a visual bug as dying as leader gives -100 points and that our names had changed places but not the rest?

Ill need to look again l8r.

I wouldn’t even begin to assume it’s a ping swap to be honest. I have seen some weird issues with these servers lately and that player running into the wall is a prime example of it. My buddy had a stable ping all night last night except for one match. I even had a match in Gears 4 that my ping was 800ms while my friend who lived 10 minutes away was below 20ms. Game chat didn’t work either. I left and joined back and again, high ping. Checked the Xbox Live test and it was low as was the server list pings for Gears. I joined a social match really quick and I had a 30ms ping. I went back into that match and again had an 800ms. It was unplayable. The next match I had a 20ms ping. Figures.

Looks like a visual bug, i watched my original clip and on the score board the random has my reup 32, lvl 86 and my ping, lol. But it swaps back down to me after a second.

Must be the -100 pts for being dead.

Dont u just hate it when ppl steal ur ping😶
Worse than stealing kills👀


This should be on the box :rofl::rofl:


Well I had quite the experience. I don’t know if it breaks forum rules to post a video here when I just made a thread on it, but I would love an answer on my my game just went crazy.

Three options :

A. You can tag Sera in your thread which is easier.

B. Send a private message.

C. Send a support ticket over to


I have an Update! (I know, it took a while)

This is showing trouble connecting to the server

These are packet loss and internet issues. These two together are likely a console connection issue, not solely a game connection issue.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank you.

I get the top pic symbol too frequently, especially at the beginning of versus matches.


Yeah top one always appears when starting a versus match, im sure it also appears at the start of each round also.

Bottom left one only shows when theres a lag spike in gm, i usually play versus with at least one other person and they also see this lag in gm at the same time as me.

The wifi one i seen today but thats cause i joined an escape match with a poor host connection as show in the lobby browser.

Thx for these👍


I’ve been waiting to hear back from support about those icons since November 2019.
Thank you

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Many thanks for the info

Apparently, it will be an issue that will never be resolved