Something change gameplay in the new update?

I read about the new developer playlist but did they change the core tuning with the recent update? Shots feel a lot more consistent and I can actually dodge shots again. Was it a hotfix?


Check your disc

It says 4

Doesn’t it



Lol I like 4 a lot. 5 was playIng like ■■■ for the past week saw it updated today so tried it out gameplay was much better

Good2hear bro

Seems better, still a ways off to where it needs to be. The whole matchmaking perimeter has been changed and I know that is a fact. This is contributing to poor game play for me. I use to get matches with anywhere from a 10 to 40 ping. Now the lowest I go is 50. I will have maybe one or 2 player’s every few matches with above 120 ping. Now I’m consistently playing matches with 5 plus players with 100+ pings. Its like there are less server’s now and TC are trying to reach more remote player’s. It was never like this for me playing on West coast US since Launch. One of the bright spots was my connection and ping and others in lobby. Now it seems like when I solo queue I’m playing with all South America and some deep southern parts of Mexico. It’s 100% all Spanish now in chat.


Stange i usually ping between 25/30 but now im at 12/20 ping, eu servers.

Other ppls ping cant go uptp 160 in they lobbys. I played east US yesterday (usually 80/90) but i went as low as 70 sometimes.

Something is up on my end. Actually playing at 50 I can’t really see any difference if everyone in lobby is between 30-90 and I’m at 50. But when 6 or 7 players are 110+ F***. This all just recently happened. Been like this for a couple days. I thought it would clear up but it’s consistent.
Even some of the chat terminology change so a part of me might believe these are not Mexico players. Starting to see some correctly spelled Spanish and Facia’l written alot instead of Ezzz. Lol . Must be a new thing Facia’l ( facial) Facia’l what’s that 'l a accent french lol?

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I see alot of spanish text in chat, mostly jajajaja which comes from high ping players. It doesn’t bother me how high there ping is as long as they die the same as lowg ping players.

However, today i joined a match of guardian as it was finishing and when the nxt match started it was 5v me, one left tho. But when this one player came near me (10ft or so) they would walk into walls but still killed me. Got the connection symbols bottom right corner, checked my ping in gm and it was below 20.

Next match started and it happened again with the same player and only this player, everyone else was fine. They were on pc.

Never seen or had this happen to me before, usually if one person is walking into walls it happens to every one and the match ends kicking everyone.


Im done

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Yeah on the bottom right what are those symbols? I rarely see them. One looks like 4 little squares and after that goes away I see a wifi symbol pop up. Than it’s gone and those 3 or 4 like symbols come up again.

Pretty sure that is the game lagging

.more so on your end

I no one is server detects lagg as for the rest i have no idea.
@TC_Sera could u infom us of these symbols plz.

Do you have a screenshot of the symbols?

I do, yes


But if I didn’t do it, someone else would have :roll_eyes:


But aside that, unfortunately, I cannot match symbols without seeing which ones you mean.


Squares shows when you have a packet loss and wifi when you ping is huge.

lol, there are only two network related symbols in your game. Ask the network team or, better, play your game

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There is no call for that. I am asking for a screenshot of the symbols seen, You want to be rude about it, that’s your business.


There’s three or four, actually. A wifi symbol, one that shows three arrow symbols and the wifi or the arrow one with a sign that seems to indicate some sort of disruption.

And you do realize TC employees have work to do that won’t always allow them to play and these symbols are not something I’d expect people to memorize and know what they stand for. Particularly if they’re a community manager who has only started working at TC in the last weeks and has little or nothing to do with the networking aspect of the game.

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No sorry, but surley tc has a list of all the connection symbols that will appear on the bottom right corner.

Thx for replying :+1:

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