Something Big. And with Horns

In the new Gears Kait trailer that just dropped…anyone know what that giant horned monster is? Maybe one of the Worms? Since in RoR we saw three the Locust knew of. Or a creature akin the the Hive boss at the end of 4?

It appears for a couple frames around the 1 min mark when you can also see Paduk in the lower right of the screen right after.

Any theories?

Maybe it was dels pet worm his mom flushed down the toilet when he was a kid, all grownup and back to say hello.

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“Anya! It’s a giant graboid! They’re sinking cities with a GIANT GRABOID!”

Seriously though, I think it’s bio-engineered like the Hive Beast at the end of Gears 4.

And worse, I think Kait is seeing its insides during some of her visions. Because it’s either that, or she’s seeing visions of the inside of a living Riftworm (perhaps in flashbacks). But it definitely looks more like the insides of a Swarm-y worm.

If the Swarm Berserker leader is smart, he/she will ride around inside of it.

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The leader is a swarm berserker?

Friend of mine seemed to think it resembled a Seeder… but just by size alone I can’t compare that Swarm monstrosity to a Seeder. Not to mention this organic look that reminds me of the appearance of the Gravemind in Halo 2 Anniversary. How would you even kill that? It’s like a land based Leviathan able to tunnel underground but worse. Willing to bet this is what Kait says has to be killed.
I left those pictures in the main thread about the trailer too but I guess it can’t hurt to leave snapshots here either, right?

Though seeing how Kait and whoever that is being in cover in that truck or trailer(JD?) have Boomshots on their back I reckon hitting its mouth with those would at least hurt it and make it think twice of chasing you. If not, well… been nice knowing you all.


JD, the bald head and reddish arm.

I wonder if it’ll be a fun boss fight or like the Swarmak/Hive boss in 4.

Kinda reminds me of Stranger Things the way the head looks like it’s shaped, but obviously much, much larger.

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Got no experience with Stranger Things so I can’t speak for it… but I don’t think this’ll be something like the Hive Beast again but instead will be something of an ever present threat until the end of the game when you kill it. If you even can.

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