Someone using Shadowz name on Telegram to scam gears fan

This isn’t a specific issue in regards to Shadowz. This is a problem with YouTube as a whole. You’ll find impersonation bot accounts on any YouTubers channel with more than 10k subscribers.


I love the obvious Indian-English the scammer uses. Read it in that accent and it sounds absolutely perfect.


What I always find baffling is how the year 2022 there still exist people that fall for this scams.


You could pick any random yt channel with a decent following and there will be telegram scammers in the comment section. I will say though, if theres a fan base to fool easily its definitely Shadowz.


Isn’t Shadowz kind of a scam anyway?


You mean the like 3 or 4 videos hes made recounting “everything we know about Gears 6” despite there being literally zero information about the next game at all are a scam?


He’s done well to scrape the barrel for 3-4 videos-worth of material!

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Ive never actually watched any of them because i know TC hasnt said anything aince their post saying theyre going dark to work on the next project. I wonder what he finds to talk to about without having any information.

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I suspect he just summarises story events in GOW5; and maybe a bit about any expanded universe things like books or comics. It’s basically what all content creators do for any franchise - stating the obvious, and being repetitive. There’s some really awful Star Wars ones who do this, seemingly just so they can keep putting out videos every week or whatever. Often it’s stuff that they’ve already covered.

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I respect the hustle, i suppose. Lol

I have to admit, I don’t know really how this YouTube monetisation works. Presumably it’s based on making money from adverts and sponsors, so therefore they need to keep up the viewer numbers? I know some content creators use Patreon as well. Can sponsors also demand regular routine videos on a fixed schedule (e.g.: at least one video per week)? I suppose with Patreon, some content creators have committed to X-number of videos every X-number of weeks or whatever, so maybe some feel the need to stick to this rigidly?

Personally I’d prefer quality over quantity. If the creator has nothing interesting to say, then I don’t want to know. I prefer the creators who don’t have much of a fixed schedule and just release things when they can. I mean, some videos may take more time to do research etc, and I’d prefer it if they took however long they need.

Not too sure how monetization works. I assume more views = more ads running = more money to the creator. Usually Raid Shadow Legends will sponsor just about anyone and thats probably a couole hundred for very small creators.

Unfortunately, YT prefers the inverse of this. Low quality content in high quantities.

@Bleeding_Pepper @RelaxingKoty

This is part of how youtubes algorithm works, if you watch a certain creators video and the more other people watch it it then becomes more likely their content will get added to your feed. meaning they will get a bigger audience to watch their video/adverts.

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From what I understand monetization on YouTube works like this. You can’t monetize your videos with YouTube right off the bat. You have to hit certain milestones before your videos can be monetized. From what I remember there’s 2 prerequisites.

  1. Channel must have at least 1k subscribers.

  2. Channel must have 4000 Public watch hours in the past 12 months. (Cumulative amount of time people spent watching your videos)

But even then most of the bigger channels on YouTube get most of their money from sponsorships as opposed to YouTube ad revenue. Which is why you constantly see Raid, NordVPN, HelloFresh, Audible, etc advertisements during the video. Some of those companies pay on a per video basis so there’s more incentive to pump out more content more frequently.

Yes, sponsors can dictate how many videos you upload with their advertisement in it, what point in the video the advertisement is played, the script for the ad, etc. Most sponsors want their advertisement at the beginning of middle of the video so people don’t just click off after the video is done. Some sponsors are more lenient than others when it comes to what you can say and how you advertise their product (In the cases where the sponsor let’s the creator do their own thing for the ad). There’s a YouTuber named Gus Johnson who shed some light on how certain sponsors approach working with YouTubers.

Edit: Found the exact requirements

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It’s somewhat like that. People have to view the ads then the creator gets ad revenue. If people don’t view like having adblocker, then creators like myself don’t get ad revenue. Which is why I seen some people complain about viewers using ad blocker. Then again, roughly 64% of my views since I got monetized in late June were on mobile, so people using adblock isn’t that big of a deal to me.

There’s one other important factor and that is RPM (Revenue Per Mille) RPM is a metric system that judges on average how much money you earn per 1000 views after Youtube’s revenue split in a specific time period but it also calculates the number of ads viewed as well. For example, ever since I got monetized at the tail end of June, my RPM in general is $1.98. RPM is also displayed on individual videos as well. For instance, my Ice Queen Slugger video which sitting at 520 views has an RPM of $2.50 while my horde mania duo sitting at 193 video has an RPM of $4.21 mainly because I put more ad breaks on my Horde Mania video given how it’s nearly an hour long. That’s why people like to stretch their videos out to 8 minutes because that’s how long a a video needs to be in order to have mid video ad breaks. You obviously can’t have ad breaks every second of course, but you can place them smartly like I do so it doesn’t mess up the flow of the video thus not annoying viewers. For my Escape Solos, I tend to put ad breaks after an act is done and for my horde videos, it’s every 5 waves completed.

RPM is a really useful tool to determine what kind of videos people like to watch from you. Especially if you make a living off of Youtube because it’s exactly like TV (hence the term “channels”). Why bother uploading [insert other video type] when [insert other video type] makes me more money since I put more ads on it?

It honestly depends on what kind of content you make. For me, ever since I got monetized I had to be more strategic as to when I upload said videos. My upload schedule for those types of videos was every other day so I can let the views/ad revenue gain traction a bit before I upload the next video. Uploading daily is not a viable option unless you’re popular and/or uploading short clips because soon as you upload a video, the video from yesterday gets killed by the algorithm for reasons I don’t know about. I also noticed I got a jump in videos when I uploaded at 3 PM PST in comparison to when I upload of at 12 PM PST for over a year.

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When does watching a video count as a view? Like if i watch a 10 minute video for 5 minutes does this count as 1 view or if its someone annoying talking crap and i stop it after 10 seconds?

He can correct me if I’m wrong but I think just watching the video for any amount of time counts as a “view”. But then there’s viewer retention. If you have uploaded any videos to YouTube, you can see your viewer retention in the analytics section of your profile. It tells you the average amount of time people watch your video before clicking off.

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Yeah its a scam they have literally been popping up everywhere on Youtube, I’ve been trying to flag them down & ban them but another one just pops up straight away. Anything giveaways wise is always done through my official Twitter, dont fall for the scams.

Pretty much I’ve always created speculative discussion based videos on every Gears of War game guessing & predicting alot of things right that happen in the next Gears game.

I’m just summarising my thoughts on what I think is going to happen in the Gears 6 story based on everything I could make it out from the games after playing them over and over or ideas/feedback for what I want to see in Gears 6 as for example Multiplayer Character customization or a War factions mode, how post launch content/microtransactions should be handled etc instead of waiting for an annoucnement to give feedback Im doing it right now.

One of the main points I use for my Gears 6 story videos is actually based on Marcus Fenix important speech in Gears 5 which I confidently strongly believe teases where the storyline narrative is going next in Gears 6:

Marcus Fenix: "The Swarm have their Queen. That means they’ve got a special hive somewhere, a Nexus, some place where they’re vulnerable.

Del Walker: Okay, so how do we find it?

Marcus Fenix: We dont, because you might already know.

Kait Diaz: How would I know?

Marcus Fenix: Look, Im gonna level with you. While you were gone, Jinn was raising holy hell about getting you hooked back up to the Hivemind.

Kait Diaz: Im sorry what!?

Marcus Fenix: Dont worry. I talked her out of it. But I need you to think about that what you saw in that vision - every detail. Is there anything that helps us?

During the Gears 5 Story Kait Unleashed Trailer, Marcus Fenix quote from this speech when he says “I need you to think about that what you saw in that vision - every detail” the introduction opening cinematic to the game plays at the same time which clearly indicates Marcus speech is about Kaits nightmare vision in the opening of the game and that by Marcus saying “every detail is there anything that helps us” means key details which include blood cells being crystalized by the Imulsion Countermeasure machine, several organs including a giant brain & heart/ribcage are key details in helping the COG figure out what the Swarm’s main Swarm Hive is & where.