Someone marked all the spawned enemies in horde at once then demo cleaned the map with arti

How did he do it? I’m trying to read all the classes and their cards but I can’t see anything that would allow me to do that

Tactician has a card that when the player meatshields an enemy it marks every enemy within a certain distance. Demo has a card that when a teammate marks something the Demos ult hits that marked target.

These two things working together wipes everything on the map if the Demo player knows how to use the Artillery to its full potential.


You can READ it again :slightly_smiling_face:



Spotter Support


Tact + Demo.

And if the tact can get a meatshield.
It’s not something a random Tact + random Demo can usually pull off,

Yeah what @Imstifu said is correct. I forgot the names of the cards. I dont play those classes because I find it extremely boring lol


So, the Interrogation card at lvl 6 is 50m radius. How big is that? In smaller maps I imagine it will mark the max enemies that tactician can have, which is 13 at lvl 6 for eagle eyes?

50M is the Size of Foundation Map

Maps bigger than 50M:Regency, Pahanu, Bunker, Dom, Mercy?


Mercy and Bunker may be bigger, but will still be easy to wipe them out, especially Mercy if you set up in the church since it’s a central location.

Regency, Pahanu yuck…will have to see how the 3 new maps from OP8 will be.

But is this for real, besides 3-5 maps, you can wipe the whole map every wave on Master with maxed out cards? What’s the max number of enemies that spawn on Master cause I’ve seen on smaller difficulties they spawn less but more often

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Yes, Ez :grimacing:

It depends on the Number of Spawn Point.

For Example, Overload, it has 3 Spawn Point if you block one side of it (either Left or RIght Side - Each Side has Two Route)

"From my Experience, Interrogation + Spotter Support normally can Kill 60 ~85% of Enemies"

"Difficulties will NOT affect the Number of Spawn Enemies"

If the Map has Multi Spawn Positions, then all the Enemies are separated

Yeah Interrogation Spotter support and whatever it is that reduces the cooldown on kill for demos.

This is most excellent, then mastering all horde maps on 50 waves variant and the frenzy variants will be easy with this, just time consuming and boring.

The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural

But once your Tactician accidentally DBNO / Die, your Team “maybe” rely on too Much this Combo. it’ll be easy to Get Wiped once this situation occurs :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Oh no, I’m not doing this with randoms. The other 3 classes won’t be useless. Medic, Engineer if the map permits/Pilot/Gunner, Marksman


It should be better, but never think the Combo is Undefeatable, you still have chance to Get Wiped.

Good Luck then :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can try with randoms but if you are the Tact just take also Cooperation it will increase the damage your teammates put on the marked enemies. It can help if the demo ult is not ready or if he has not the spotter support (yes it is possible)

Be prepared it could not work perfectly each wave. There are many parameters to take into account including perks and spawn pace for instance.
Also if you are the tact, prepare yourself to be frustrated from time to time (flashing not consistent, cross firing by enemies. Robots waves, lambent, juvies …)
it is a real task and responsability that does not work as you wish 100% of the time. Though super satisfying for the tactician and less for the demo (frenzy fun versus 1-50 boring)

Have a funny time anyway

I have tried the Combo Interrogation + Cooperation before. However, the Marked Timing is around 5~6 seconds, which is surely being Useless in boosting Damage at all.

Who plays games for fun, right?

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“Me” :stuck_out_tongue:

I never see @RelaxingKoty playing Engineer. Would like to see if he builds Sentries at the start :wink:


Correct you need to mark pretty often during the wave. This is the fun part of the job (practice for escape ;-)).
It is far more fun than GL/salvo spamming.

But sure to be honest when I play tact in a random game I used to get Disciplined card instead of Cooperation. I keep Interrogation if there is a demo (with a minimum reup/lvl numbers)

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