Someone knows why Ted Nugent was the inspiration for "The Nuge" achievement on Original Gears of War?

I completed the campaign for Gears UE this week and while I was watching the credits, in the “Special thanks” part, Ted Nugent name appears as the inspiration for “The Nuge” achievement (Kill 100 enemies with Torque Bow on Ranked).

The only thing that I know about him is the song Stranglehold (only because I played Guitar Hero) and IIRC he was a playable character on this game too.

Now if this is a pun and it’s completely obvious for english speakers, sorry about that.

Video of the credits, at 7:00 Special thanks appears


Who on earth watches credits?

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Not sure if I should answer, or assume this is rhetorical……

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Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for as the specific reason, but Ted Nugent is a huge archery enthusiast.
Lots of videos of him with long bows, crossbows, etc.