Someone knows if getting "The Centaur Set" achievement glitched means that Seriously part 2 will be glitched?

Also, if someone else have/had this issue with Centaur achievement and the achievement fixed itself


Stupid idea but may it be the case that the achv is tied to the characters that were originally these classes?

Doubt it is though.

Perhaps try using the original characters with the class they used to be, its a long shot i know.

But i would assume chapter 2 wont unlock as it wont have the % from this achv.

@someone from the coalition that bothers to come to the forums of their latest game.

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I played as Lizzie since TC changed classes tied to characters. Between doing nothing and trying this idea, I’ll try it (Because I played as Lizzie I didn’t get any % when I leveled up Pilot, but I’ll try anyway)

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I met the last requirement for Seriously 2.0 part 2 (leveled up Marksman and Demo from 19 to 20) and as I expected, I didn’t unlock Centaur or Seriously.

So until the tracker fix itself, I can’t unlock Seriously until Centaur had the 100%

No this is not it, I never use any characters except the proper ones, and my achievement is stuck at 99% I think.

I have a theory that the glitch is somehow related to the classes. The promos were my last set of classes and had completed the centaur set before all this started, so I’m trying to play them just to see if the game just didn’t register the final cxp they got to get to 20 because when I got to 20 with them I stopped using them.

Could be a complete waste of time, but when I have everything else done 5 times over it’s the only thing I’ve got left lol.