Someone in the know..please explain this games inconsistencies

The problem for a low ping player, is that with lag comp., its literally the most undesirable type of connection to have. The closer you can get your connection to the average connection speed across the board, the better performance you will get. Have any extreme in 1 direction or the other with lag comp is unfavorable. But having a very very low, very stable connection benefits far less from lag comp than someone with a connection in the 100’s. I would say the average connection across the board is somewhere.around 45ms. And if you notice, people in that 39-55 range always perform well consistently. People with higher connection speeds still get the benefit of playing against what they actually see on their screen(lag comp). So even if your very low speed wise and you’ve taken cover, until that info is processed by the player in the 100’s…he still sees you before you have taken cover and out in the open. But since a very low ping player essentially is playing in just about real time, everyone elses movements are in the future. Meaning you can’t shoot at what hasnt happened. Granted its small differences relatively…i mean we are talking about milliseconds of time. But in a game like Gears that is so movement heavy…its very hard for a low ping player to actually be shooting truthfully, exactly where the higher ping players actually are or will be. This is why lag comp hoses low ping players. And from what I’ve read, gears speed threshold is 250 ms. Meaning someone with a connection speed of 250 ms or below still gets to shoot at what they are seeing on their screen. Not at what is actually happening. And if your say a 10ms player against a 200ms player, That is a very large gap gaming wise. you could be totally around a corner in cover and still get shot. That is why TC has to start matchmaking with ping parameters in place. Im glad to see a matchmaking option now that lets me choose “lower ping” over “fastest matchmaking”. Time will tell if it helps. Us the consumer have to demand better. Its one thing if your game is a time trials racing game. Large gaps in ping …no problem. But shooters have got to do better with fairness. I don’t understand why TC doesn’t have code that holds back some latency on low ping players. Meaning put my ■■■ on a small delay to match my speed up as close as possible to the average speed in the match.


Lag comp delays low ping to match high pings but what happens when they constantly desync and have long periods of packet loss during close encounters its like you never shot them…There are tons of low pings that sponge because of low quality internet meaning high packet loss. Pings are not the tell all of quality of internet for example if i have a 50 ping and im connecting from 3000 mile away and another player has the same ping but only 50 miles away the one connecting from 50 miles away would still connect better.

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Packet loss will be reflected as jitter. The more packets lost, the higher the jitter. Observe people that have a ping of 10, then 16, then 36, then 80, then back down to 10.

I googled this before and from what i gather it dosent show up in ping …but who knows during the gunfight there ping or yours could jump but u cant check that.

I was a telecom tech for 15 years. Data was what I did until I broke my neck. Lag comp does not delay low ping players. Lag comp is a “check with me” between the server and the client. It basically says lets see where you are in time and space and see what your seeing. Yep…that player was right there b/c of your differences is in time and space. Thats a hit. That is why a. laggy/latent player can kill you even though you took cover. B/C to the laggy player, you are still in the open diving for cover. you havent taken cover yet .I play on a hardwired ethernet, fiber to the router…light all the way connection…i have 0 loss of packets. Period. But stability is a huge issue…another thing you are right about. I see peoples connections bouncing wildly everyday all day. We are getting to a point with gaming that its time to start demanding better. Unstable connections can play w/unstable connections. Good stable plays with low good and stable. Like I’ve said b4, unfortunately the majority of people that play gears have borderline internet. I would say well over half…probably 80% play over wifi. Gears net code is written to benefit the masses. Not the 2% with amazing 1% in the world internet connections. Seeing a matchmaking option in this new download that lets me choose if I want to match make the fastest or with the lowest ping…that is a good start. But all the people that just say, “yea, that is just gears”…I .call ■■■■■■■■. Do your part. At least run an ethernet wire betwedn your modem and your console…I would say pc, but over gamers give a ■■■■ about their equipment and their connection quality. The people that chap my ■■■ are the ones who still play over wifi when their modem and console are both in the same room. It should be a rule that if you are caught doing that, you should be banned. Period. Its lazy and pathetic and it benefits no one but you.

Directly from google " one or the biggest sources of this problem is somthing called “packet loss” you can still have a very good ping but be having issues with packet loss because although the data is being sent and ultimately received fairly quickly by the destination server , not all the data is getting there correctly.

And you know that as an absolute fact ? …About how the lag comp works.

Do you knwowwhat’s the worst about the way it messes up on a low ping?
It’s not even a 1% connection in my country. It’s fast becoming the average connection.
I dont know anyone or play with anyone who is not on at least fiber to the cabinet and due to the routing/size of the country/geographical placement of the server a large percentage of us will just naturally have low ping connections to the xbox server. That’s just how the network architecture works.

It will be the same for several regions with similar set ups across the eu. so when TC unbalance the lag comp to lean one way heavily, they actually screw up the game for a good percentage of our region.


Ping is the time it takes for the source packet to reach the destination. When you are losing packets, the time in which the distiantion recieved your last pack increases, causing jitter. If you have a ping of 20, then have 50% packet loss for 30 ms, the tail end of that 30ms window, the destination is missing 50% (10ms), so during this window you now have a rtt of 30ms.

Jitter, on the other hand is the variation in ping and can be visually represented as the distance between the data packets. They are both measured in ms (milliseconds) and the higher the value, the more unstable the network will be![/quote]

This is the reason you rarely see players with a solid, consistent value.

Packet loss is represented as jitter in ping.

Im sorry but there are low stable pings that sponge shots and there are high stable pings that dont, difference being packet loss. It takes very little data to sustain a ping counter but what about the incorrect data being sent will that also show up In ping ?

I dont understand what you mean. The client will always send correct data (unless you’re using a third party tool to alter the data).

Packet loss doesnt alter the data, packet loss increases the rtt ( data may arrive in the incorrect order, or not at all) No one knows how the devs have programmed the game to deal with packet loss.

It is impossible to have a stable ping AND have a significant amount of packet loss. You cannot exist in both states at the same time.

Ok i disagree especially since we dont know how they programmed the game. But i know that no amount of fixing the net code or game ,fixes the trash connections i face everday i just took a screenshot of the trash pings i deal with while i sit a 1ms. Every game high pings while im a 1ms yet the connection feels different everytime the only thing seems cosistent is they sponge or get to react before me.