Someone in the know..please explain this games inconsistencies

I agree 100%. No one can tell me different.
2 v 2 ranked. My ping is literally 4 ms. I cant move for sht.
In quick play. Its around 34 ms and i can move and my shots feel like they work.
It has happened countless times. When my ping is high. Im a god. When my ping is super low. I get stuck on walls and wall bouncing doesnt work for sht.



so given all this you really have to wonder how so many are reaching the higher ranks. I have to agree my games are better when i am in the mid 30 ping, but i am almost always 1-3 pm.

look at the clip in the bunny hunt i think it was.

in addtion had a game over the weekend. i did 99% in 2 shot he did 100% in one shot now if my second shot came in at the same time as his 1st at 100% okay but the kill cam should show him downed at the very least not walking away.

now watch this clip. i did 80 they 2 players did 93% and i am downed.

Inconsistent servers. Lower player count=cheaper servers. That’s all. The game play is there. And in a good place. Better then it was a week or 2 ago. I hate to say it. But i think this is as good as its going to get!

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@Slipping_Flames dude, I’ve posted numerous numerous times about low ping beung disadvantaged. Their is a large group of us low ping players that know it’s the lag comp. Im on fiber to my router hardwired ethernet. Im sub 10 ms. It always seems that the guy between 40-50 ms performs the best. The game is great at tracking players w/low ping. But not great at predicting for low ping. We even asked TC on a dev stream if their are built in additional delays for low ping. They said no, but I dont think its true. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but this game has a large player base in Mexico. Lots of whom have garbage internet. It only makes sense to make sure those guys dont feel disadvantage. Lag comp definitely favors high ping players. Its even more suspect to me that with its large base of players, why Mexico doesn’t have a dedicated server. Sometimes whem im at my wits end I disconnect my nice fiber connection and play over my mobile hot spot. And it definitely plays different. The problem is every now and then on my sub 10 ms connection, the game feels great. And that lulls me back in. But with TC doing what they are with masking true ping speeds, you never really know what someones connection speed really is.


Rubbish mate

If this kinda cr@p was even half true then there would be like loads of really sick flags just for mehico…



Obvious masking. I ask anyone to put it to a test.

To be fair Gears became really popular in the Latin American countries(especially Mexico) with Gears 3.

That being said Gears has always been inconsistent

@Saber_Skywalker @Slipping_Flames
I’m on fiber to the router. Hardwired ethernet. My connection is a top 1% connection in the world. But do you think the majority of people that are on an Xbox even play on a wired connection? I would say no. The majority of people play over wifi with average to borderline pure garbage connection speed and stability. . Lag comp is written for their benefit in gears. . Not for the 1% of gears players w/stellar connections. Call rubbish if you will. The people with ping between 30-50 always perform consistently good. The people over 100 are impossible to down and never miss. They down people at range with 2 gnasher shots. Plus, what do you think is easier to write code for. Where somebody actually is, or where someone migbt be going?.people with low ping are playing in pretty much real time. People with higher ping are in the future to ow ping players. Lag comp is having to speculate where they migbt be going…predicting. Some games have very good lag comp. Fortnite has stellar lag comp. Its not 1 sided. But lag comp doesnt explain why the gnasher mysteriously refuses to fire when somebody is right in front of you. Nothing is more frustrating to have outplayed someone only to get your head blown off because your gun just didn’t fire. In fortnite, destiny, apex…you pull the trigger…the gun fires…this is the only game I’ve ever had this problem. Bottom line is lag is an issue for every online multiplayer. Some devs have improved their net code. Gears apparently has very bad net code. Tends to make the game inconsistent and disadvantaged for a small contingency of players. Plus, gears is the only game I’ve ever played where I am/feel disadvantaged for having good internet.


I agree with you, the gnasher was better in tod 2, now almost all the hits are 80%, now it sucks,. Please fix that

The biggest difference between tod2 and tod3 is server load due to the pandemic.

I have owned every Gears game since the beginning. I have bought every ultimate edition, special edition, special edition consoles( including the current Gears X edition). I have put up with the the bugs and tuning and what have you, but I have had about enough.
Carmines break the game, allegedly Operation 3 weapon skins break the game, People getting Dashboarded regularly. The list goes on. I cannot explain how frustrating it is to play horde for 2.5 hours on Master, trying to Master every map and half the team gets kicked on wave 46, with no Clayton, just randomly kicking everyone.
The game crashed all the time to the point where you can barely play, or not play at all, but low and behold the Gears Store is open and working perfectly so people can way over pay for incomplete weapon skins. Wow.
As a die hard fan and long time Gears of War fan, I am at the end of my rope. I won’t even get into the retreading of tired old maps. This game has more bugs now than a Motel 6.
So sad.

@avaramis you make a very very good point about making faster speeds slower. I’ve always wanted to know why devs can’t figure out a way to put people in a delay to match up speeds. I mean we are talking about milliseconds. Not seconds.or minutes.
Additionally, I think we have reached a point in multiplayer online gaming, along with internet speeds and availability, that their has to be a minimum acceptable speed to be allowed to play in a competitive mode. Modes that are just for fun… Whatevs. And if we can’t delay higher speeds to match, then TC really needs to implement parameters for matchmaking that their lag comp can handle. TC uses Azure servers. High Tic. Those servers can send and receive info very very well. I f TC can’t tighten up their lag comp net code, then they need to only match certain speeds w/certain speeds. I mean as it stands now, they are putting players of all ranks togethor in matches anyway. I know lag is a problem, but their are ways to mitigate it. Its come to that point.
Lastly, to clarify one thing…I specifically mentioned a situation with gibs or no gibs when the other player was obviously Further away. I’ve seen people talk about not getting gibs and getting 83% instead. I watched a YouTube video about a month ago from Dutchonidas that went into great detail in showing physically what the actual gib range is using examples with other players helping demonstrate. It really helped me understand just how fractionally small the gap is between a gib and no gib…especially when the gib distance is so close its almost impossible to know judging by eye what is or isnt a gib. With lag contributing, its even more of an issue to discern what is or isn’t a gin when the other player might not actually be exactly where you think they are. Ill include the link and I would highly advise watching it.

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With wastelanders coming out i wont be wasting a lot of time in gears 5, the past 3 games i have played has had a idler and a quitter and their plan wont stop that from being just as big a problem as it currently is. Then the tuning and play it promotes is so boring, i put little effort in games because the tuning is so dull.

Im not asking for god tier players but stop putting the controller down every couple of minutes for 30 seconds and mark and break the ring you don’t get a prize for having a high k/d.

The tuning and the way people play is disgusting

Not necessarily. Op. 3 made alot of people quit. I think there are less people playing now honestly.
Every update , especially bug ones. Like clockwork. Every game u try and play of complete sht for the first few days. If not an entire week.

You tagged me and included this,

Not entirely sure you got my post :sweat_smile:

I TOTALLY subscribe to That conspiricy theory

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The gun does not want to shoot and its gonna make me break the console
By far the worst game ive ever played ever even gameboy advance has better games

I asked Michio Kaku, he said it was beyond his understanding of chaos theory.


Too intellectual


I would like to see a real time packet loss indicator in the form of red and green bars by each players name. You can have low ping and have high packet loss during the match and it will not show up in ping.