Someone in the know..please explain this games inconsistencies

I had to turn it off tonight. Playing this game is really bad for my blood pressure. When this game performs well its the best. When its off…its the absolute worst. Its the good games that keep me playing. Its the bad games that literally have my blood boiling while my brain just spins and spins trying to figure out why this game does the the things it does. All kidding aside. Does anybody have any knowledge of why hit registration and hit damage is so inconsistent.? ?? Why can you shoot somebody more times than they shoot you yet you die first. Why does the gnasher inexplicably refuse to fire…always when someone is right in front of you? Its not me. Its not hard to squeeze RT. I know im doing it. This is the only shooter ive ever played where its a crap shoot whether or not the shotgun is going to fire when I squeeze RT. Seriously. No ■■■■■■■■…why does it do that?
I watched a video by Dutchonidas about how fine of a line a gib or no gib is. But what I don’t understand is why someone Gibs you and you do 83% when they are obviously further away. Obviously. Why can someone down me with a Lancer from 3 or 4 errant bullets at times…yet you can sometimes unload the majority of a clip in someone and not down them? And I dont wanna hear lag for an explanation. I’m a smart guy. I understand lag. But this crap happens in games where every body has a good connection. Why is it that every time someone is in cover near a corner, and im on the other side of that corner knowing they are gonna wrap that corner and shoot me…and.for me to kill them, theoretically, all I have to do is stand, point my gun at the corner they are gonna try to wrap, and squeeze RT…Yet they can round the corner, aim, and fire faster than me just squeezing the trigger.? It makes no sense…im older and a little slower…but not that slow. why does it seem that in every match , one team can miss nothing, and one team cant hit anything.? Why do I die sometimes and never even saw how I died? One minute im running…or shooting…the next thing I know…dead…No idea how it even happened. I swear to god, sometimes I feel like this is a large elaborate practical joke on me. Like someone has control of my settings and my character remotely, and they make my gnasher not fire in opportune situations. Or they hit a “no gib” button…83 only…when I obviously point blank bodied someone. Or they push a “dbno” button after I got hit by 3 Lancer bullets. Or they give another player invincibility or god aim. Or a mystery death button. Its only b/c I truly love this game that I even care to post and ask. I appreciate TC for loving Gears. I also try to keep perspective b/c their are bigger problems in the world right now. But video games are supposed to be a safe place for us to forget about that for awhile. Not to get people worked up. I think TC should be very embarrassed by the way this game performs sometimes. I play a lot of solo horde. And the game always performs very well in those situations. The guns fire. Do the proper damage. Why can’t they make it do that in verses. The random.mystery delays…why? People all say don’t trust the kill cam. That is wrong. The kill cam is a digital replica of what the server said happened. And 80% of the time it doesn’t line up with what happened in real time. Please do better @TC. The game was performing fairly well at the end of TOD 2. Now, its a train wreck again. At least on my end. Tonight was the first time I was literally on tbe verge of going on some type of “spree” out of anger and frustration. First time I just couldnt justify continuing to play b/c it was so much more of a miserable experience than a fun one. And that is sad. Why? Why? Why?




Just a word of advice Paragraphs man they really help on this site. Most people won’t read long post like this because it’s bad on the eyes with the white lettering on the black background

Ok now on your post. I didn’t read throught the whole post but from the title and the first few sentences I’ll say that this issue has plagued the franchise since Gears 1. I doubt anyone on here can actually explain but if there is I would love to hear



This is how he writes.


This is solely the reason why I quit playing versus. The frustration was on a level that I just couldn’t handle. And other movement issues, of course. And to read that this is still an issue, I’ll pass.



@Nineteenth_Hour @Buster_McTunder I literally just had to stifle busting a gut while my wife is asleep next to me after Seeing both your posts and gifs. I needed a laugh. I was very very pissed and bummed when I shut her down. I was very Pummed. Or Bissed…

@SeeLogisticz. Yea. It still happens. .at least it happens to me. It happened 3 times in 1 match last night. I almost spontaneously combusted. When it happened again tonigbt…after the umpteenth soup sandwich type of event …I literally felt like I could grab a handful of sand and squeeze it into glass I was so angry. The thing most people don’t get, is , as an older player…I play because I miss playing actual physical sports…And I really love to compete. I need some type of competition.And nothing is more maddening than losing a 1 v 1 when you outplayed someone b/c the game didn’t perform properly. …I.e. My gun refusing to fire. People always say, proof…video…how do I post a video of the game “not doing something”. It would just look like a video of me getting killed.


What time of day are you on? I get on after 8 EST

All this all day long.

I was going to jump. On for a couple of games in Sunday to give 5 another chance, I couldn’t bring my self to do it.
It was like the anticipation of the rage gave me anxiety and I couldn’t play Gears 5, which in turn maybe me not want to play Gears of War 4.

Played forza instead. :pensive:


Me and you are experiencing the same stuff my gnasher dont want to shoot im getting robbed off kills that i shoot first in. Point blanks doing nothing
I am no longer going to play unless they fix it cos i almost broke my pad

After last update i thought it couldnt get any worse then this.
But holy ■■■■ today is just like gears 2

So I’m just going to put this out there. Make of it what you will.

I partied up with a guy last night. He just got Gears 5. Played 4 with him before. He wanted me to play some quick play versus to help with challenges.

He has a satellite internet provider. He should have shown a ping in excess of 600ms. My ping was around 24ms one match. His ping was 44ms. I watched it the entire game. Next game I was around 33ms. His ping was 44ms. He did show spikes during that game. He was the highest scorer both games. I asked how the game felt for him. He said it ran fine. Played like crap for me. Couldn’t hardly kill anyone. My movement was way off.

I don’t care what anyone says. This game has a lag comp mechanism that ends up punishing those with good internet. It’s an unfair MP experience.


I experience the same frustrations.

The sad part is, when the game does perform great, chances are the people you’re killing are the ones experiencing the frustrations. It gives me no feeling of satisfaction to do great in gears 5 anymore - I just feel like I won the coin toss.

I wish I could explain why this game feels this way, but I can’t. I don’t think anyone can. Literally no other game I play is like this. And, as said previously, even the other game modes in gears 5 don’t play like that. It’s so frustrating!!


There just HAS to be some clever technician at MS or TC that actually KNOWS what’s always been doing this to gears.

And they’ve never said a word

Its a conspiricy I tells ya


If I were coding a fix to a lag problem then my only choice would be to work with what I could.
I can not do much about your internet connection no matter how good or how bad, all I can do is gather information and try and use it at the most opportune time for something.
So, while I can’t make a slow connection faster I can make a fast connection slower so that everybody is on the same sheet of music… alternatively I can try and keep as much computing as I can on the client and when interaction really matters move participants together on a server that they both ping well on.
The latter probably can’t fly when snipers may be possible so it’s a brutally hard problem to solve.
Worse still is that it’s not up to TC fully, they can’t speed up players on dial up (allegory/not-literal) .
It’s also worth noting that there is speed and there is latency. Satelite tends to be high latency even if speeds after connections get establisher are good; every interaction is likely a new connection even though it is possible to have a stateful connection where interactions are events in the same connection. The problem with a stateful connection is if it starts to suck things get really sketchy trying to switch it.
Not making excuses for TC but I have a feeling that lag problems are so common because they’re so hard to solve without having people all play on the same closed network.
A cool idea may be to use like 7 servers at once to overlap everybodies good time and use the median values from all 7 for everyone but that would get super expensive - especially since you’d want the servers in different regions.
I don’t know… find the money, the technology or the infrastructure to have a fun game otherwise luck applies in more ways than you would hope :frowning:
I know it’s frustrating but it may not be anybodies choice but happenstance

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Oh man, where do I start?

I think about this topic a lot, I think about it every time I play this game and get frustrated to the point that I literally can’t help myself from producing guttural animal like noises and verbally berate the person who killed me (to myself).

I know you don’t want to hear it, but I do believe general latency is responsible for many of this games frustrations. No, this game does not have more lag than other games, however, the way in which the lag manifests in this game is so much more pronounced.

For example, the instances where your Gnasher just doesn’t shoot. I believe this is caused by the fact that the sever has detected you are dead before your client has registered that. Two players moving in to attack each other, they shoot before you and kill you, yet you are still alive on your screen and try to shoot.

Think about it, and ask yourself honestly… How many times have you played this game and said one of the two following…

  • How did they shoot me so early?
  • Why did it seem like that guy didn’t even try to attack me?

It just seems like your experience WILL be one of these two instances. You either run train on the other team, or they run train on you… it is VERY rare in this game where it just seems fair and balanced.

I think one of the biggest issues with Gears 5 in particular is that TC has reduced effective playstyles and molded the ‘winning formula’, and now the community has quickly learned and adapted. Nearly every player attacks and defends the same way now. There is now SO MUCH parity in this game that nearly every kill and death with the Gnasher looks the same. Nearly every fight is like two comets flying at each other hoping they will be the one to send the signal of a landed shot to the server first.

When everyone is attacking each other the same way, the end result will not be determined by skill, but instead by connection and latency. This is why the game can feel so amazing one match and have you ripping your hair out the next. Because the honest truth is, the matches that you are enjoying yourself in are the same matches that your opponents are ready to throw their controllers across the room.

I have said this before, and I will say it again… Play a private match with just friends, or if possible play on LAN with some people and enjoy a completely stress free experience. It goes from rolling the dice on every encounter, to feeling like you’ve either earned every kill, or were simply outplayed.

We can all adapt to any of the changes made to the Gnasher, we just can’t do it when the parameters for success are constantly changing due to issues with connections. Fun fact, because Gears is all about the Gnasher ( a weapon with a very low rate of fire/single shot/semi auto weapon), Gears will NEVER feel great online… at least not until gigabit internet is the new norm.


Good post :slight_smile:

The only thing that is strange for me is that i played really great games in the last years of gears4.
When someone had 100 ping it would act wierd/sponge/ teleport but on low ping it felt pretty good.
I played until the last day before gears 5 dropped.

En then 5 came out.
At first EU servers were non existing so i was always in a 200 ping match.
That made me go back to gears 4 and come back after operation 2 to gears5.
Somewere around February i was happy with the connection and gameplay but then they announced a new update and once again they destroyed everything for me.

So why did they have a decent server for gears4 and not gears5?
Why does the game says i have a stable 1-2 ping but i teleport, dont shoot, roll instead of slide. See everyone doing strange animations? Get kicked out off games . Sometimees feel like a god and then a scrub the next minute?
Its worse for me then at launch.
There are bugs and glitches everywhere.
This does not feel like a triple a title.

At a certain point players need to educate themselves about lag. Instead, what I see is they really just love to log onto the forum and spew negativity in every single thread that has nothing to do with them.

I used to be a big Call of Duty guy. 2007, Modern Warfare, really good times. But after a couple years I noticed I was dying too much and did the research and found it was due to lag and the way the game handled incoming information. So I quit Call of Duty.

And I quit all PvP games. For 8 years. Because the lag was so bad it wasn’t fun anymore. I became a campaign guy and got hooked on amazing games like Dragon Age, Dark Souls, Mass Effect, The Last of Us, and the Arkham series.

Instead of looking for solutions, instead of changing their own behavior to make their lives better (since what Microsoft and The Coalition and their ISP does is beyond their control ) people log onto the forum and spew profanity, harassment, and slander.

To the hundreds of people I’ve put on Ignore since coming back to the forum in March: Listen man, I get it. You used to love the franchise. You paid for this game and it was much worse than you expected. That’s what life is: disappointment. You gotta move on. All you have done is become a troll whose sole existence on this forum is to antagonize others.



Lag is present in all online games for sure, but TC’s interpolation implementation is completely busted.

I remember a while ago watching a dev stream (during gears 4) and Ryan basically admitted as such.

It remains broken and will likely stay this way.