"Someone explain to me what. Just. Happened." Hacks. Just. Happened


Look at the first video on my page.

Anyone catch that?

I’m impressed these hackers are still defending each other. They flat out deny they hack. But I can go to Barnes and Noble and get a book that’ll teach your otherwise. Hell, they have hack detecting software already for CoD Cold War. Meaning they already have hacks for the game. Defending yourselves still?

Im uploading a second video and it shows a boomshot kill me from a solid ten feet away, but my boomshot hits 3 feet away and doesnt get a kill.

Anyone want to explain why I shouldnt go pick up a book from barnes and noble and make my own antihacking software?

I could you know, and not that it matters, but seriously thinking about hiring me a lawyer to see what i can legally get away with hacking into. Ill leave you all on this note.

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First, this thread is going to be closed, because call-out threads are not allowed.


Going to hire a lawyer in real life to figure out how much you can get away with hacking a video game?


i kno jaspion he is 100 perc accurate with a retro and always actives it he is the most annoying player to play with but its legit

Glad you think piracy is so funny. Youre definitely not from around here.

I also like how you didnt even participate in the thread. you just came in here and insulted me. thats it. didnt even relate to the topic. just insults flying.

why even bother posting if youre not even going to stay on topic?

oh thats right because you hate americans. its ok. thats why youre in the third world and we’re in the first, soverign, and ready for war. go worship fidel castro or something instead of targeting threads like these with actual evidence.

i wouldve posted more videos, but all you would do is defend those too, clueless to the fact that ive got hack detecting software.

and as for the lawyer part, you couldnt even answer that alll they would do is ban me.

you couldnt even get that right. JEBAITED


Hmmm , troll

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America in 2021.


Wow… that was a fun read, and a fun response. I learned things about myself from the poster that I didn’t even know I didn’t know, like where I live, who I worship… thank you for enlightening me.

And yes, I know I’m playing Hungry Hungry Troll with this response. I just wanted to poke the bear one more time. So go ahead, gimme all you got in your next response. Really let’er rip, cause you won’t be invoking another fun response like this one :slight_smile:


Which one is more faster way to reach the mods?

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You could just read the ToS.

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I understand the frustration, but with a video like this why not just report the player with the video included @ https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?

Calling them out on the forums just looks bad.