Someone explain this game to me please cause I dont get it!

(nBw BlackIc3) #1

ok so all of this happened in the same match. i ran into someone sliding toward me. Lined up the shot and it looked like a head shot but i get 45% and i get chunked.

Looks like this :

Later in the match i shoot a guy and i think i miss him( i expected too at least) and i get a head shot. im so confused.

Looks like this :

(Krylon Blue) #2

Do you have a link to the actual video? A gif isn’t the best because I’m unable to freeze frame it and see where the pellets hit. As it looks now some of your pellets hit the steel beam in front of you but without freezing it it’s difficult to piece together.

(nBw BlackIc3) #4

I don’t have it uploaded anywhere but i can. once i do ill post the link

(Mochawl) #5

You missed the headshot, and on the second clip you ended up hitting the person based off of the camera angle

(nBw BlackIc3) #6

Ok i can see what you’re saying about the first clip but wasn’t he/she close enough for the chunk? the only other option i can think of is what @Krylon_Blue said about some of the pellets hitting the pipe. and what exactly do you mean " based on the camera angle"? maybe it could help my game play if i better understood how it works.
Thanks in advance

(Krylon Blue) #7

I’m only basing this off of the sparks but it’s difficult to tell if I can’t freeze frame it. If you’re able to get that video maybe we can guide you better but from the looks of it I don’t think they’re supposed to be gibs anyways. But again, without being able to freeze and see where the pellets hit I can’t say for sure

(Mochawl) #8

Because your right joystick moves the direction you are facing and according to what you showed you were diagonally able to shoot your opponent