Someone already has blood red speaker?!

Can someone please explain how tf I just saw someone who already has blood red speaker in ffa. It’s the final tour reward there’s no way he should already have it.

Was it a bot maybe?

No it was a player. . Also bots can only be default launch characters. I recorded it but not sure how to properly place it here without it being jank or having to open another page.

Just ask him? Lol. You didn’t need to put his GT as this is against forum rules. Guess he bought his way there. It’s possible as boost is active with double stars. Although that’s a lot of rerolls and real money spent.

I imagine the game loaded the guy in as that character by accident, I’ve had two games where I’ve been a completely random character I hadn’t selected

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This is prob more likely.

Updates been out since 2pm est so I assume he has no life

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Oh yea…oops :sweat_smile:. Anytime you ask anyone anything they just ignore you :man_shrugging: I Can’t Imagine Anyone Spending That Much Money on something that’s free. And I don’t think he would have enough time to farm to general already. Guess he probably was loaded in like that idk

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I’m going to have to tell you tho that you overestimate the intelligence of some of these people… lol

Can confirm that’s not a bot. mjrdecision is Dana, the Director of Communications, who is on the weekly stream. He’s a big fan of the skin and wanted to hype up the tour content.

Edit to add that his GT is public and well known, so I’m mentioning it to clarify.


Damn. Cool that I ran into him then.