Somehow been completing one of the character unlock challenges for DeeBee, Warden and RAAM together at once

Okay recently I’ve somehow been completing some of those characters unlock challenges but here’s the thing, I don’t have their totems equipped or bought with scrap. So either I got a glitch that makes me complete one of the challenges for the other 3 characters at once together or this was something that was added in a update.

This happened to one of my friends when the system was first implemented. Honestly wish you could do them all at the same time. I’m jealous.

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I think it’s a glitch. I saw progress on horde, escape and versus challenges although it seemed random as to what totem the game thought was equipped when I hadn’t actually crafted any. I didn’t see any progress on the XP challenges until I actually crafted and equipped the relevant totem.

I’m doin raams haven’t started the totem or whatever because it’s just more gimmicky tc bs.

It’s glitched and random. I had escape chapters count for the deebee, then half an hour later count for the Warden.

When I unlocked the totems the glitch stopped.

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