Somebody tell me why I was given less Crowns than other Ultimate Gamepass players?

My dad was given 500 crowns, and I’ve seen several people who haven’t put a single penny extra into the game other than the $1 for Gamepass ultimate and I only have 250, why the hell? The worst thing is you can’t contact them for support, I go to support and it sends me to a stinking FAQ list, that is’nt what support is supposed to be.

Are you sharing game pass?

When you say “crowns” are you referring to iron? If so, there was a challenge in gears 4 where if you completed it, you got some iron in gears 5. When I first booted up gears 5 I had 750 iron.

what are crowns?

He’s referring to the ESO currency which is named “Crowns” and has a different icon than Iron, I don’t know why he’s calling “Iron” “Crowns” though.

Did you do do the road to Gears 5 challenge? One of them awarded 250 iron. Reaching level 10 in Gears 4. You needed to log in during the month of August though, even if you were level 10 before that.