Somebody ask TC next time there's a QA

I don’t really pay attention to the live TC stuff at all but anyone here on the forums that does participate in that, please ask them how a person stays in a ranked match with a steady 800-1100 ping. I’m really curious to hear their answer to this.

I easily get kicked if I hit 250 for over 30 seconds.

Yesterday, I was in match that an opponent literally had 800-1100 the entire 2nd half (I can’t speak before that because I didn’t notice until then). He was not (visibly) going down to ~50 and back up again… it was a solid 800+ the whole time.

How is this possible if what they say regarding ping limiters is at all accurate?

it might be that person internet. That person might have such a bad ISP or mobile data connection that 800 is the latency to the server. I once played with a guy who had stable 900 ping all the time.

The reason why you get kicked out is that your normal ping is much lower and when your ping goes up it means that you have too much i interference unlike the example above where there is no interference rather a bad connection.

I feel like I am missing some keywords to make sense out of this but imagine your normal ping is 200. And let’s say you start downloading a game and cap at 600KB/s(n you have low bandwidth speed) you will most likely have a ‘stable’ 500+ ping until you stop the download unless there’s some interference

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I think I know what you’re trying to say but I’d have to understand their network engineering better to know how/why it works the way it does with their servers.

I connect in with a stable 35 for example and jumps in latency to say… 200-250, become a flag.

If I connect in with 800 ‘stable’ … no flag haha.

I have no idea how someone plays like that tbh, I warp insanely at 200-250 but perhaps that is because I am unstable at that point…?

I had the understanding that TC mentioned something about limiting ping on servers to under 250 or something of the sort a long while back. They had justified people with high pings by saying when they connected they were under that but then later, after joining, they may have jumped to a higher latency.

I have suspicion that certain regions are unlocked when it comes to latency acceptance ceilings.

But…■■■■■ do i know?

I will state that I did not notice any real impact by having him in the game. (This may be because the players were all O1/O2 tops… a higher skill plus the bad connection might be more frustrating).

I just found it unusual.

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