Some weapons need more executions

Boomshot, Dropshot, Enforcer, Hammerburst, Markza, Overkill and Claw could use alternative new executions.

They only have 2/2 each, with the exception of Lancer GL which had ‘In Your Face’ execution from Operation 1 Tour of Duty where you had to complete Ranked Medals.

So does anyone else agree that these weapons should have more executions?

Their current ones seem boring that I’ll barely use them at all.


Jack needs an execution. Maybe just a simple dead drop (curb stomp).
That aside, I would definitely like to see more unique executions. :+1:

They also duplicated the generic execution for those guns (hammer away, t-ball, chopping block), then made them separate purchases in the store if you didn’t have them already from supply, which sucks. Granted, they’re super cheap, but if it’s the same execution may as well group them together.

I agree but I think these weapons are hard to create executions for.

It is extremely easy to kill. There shouldn’t be any difficulty to make executions for these guns,UNLESS there is a certain limit from the rating groups that they must keep to (because you have to remember, killing is bad and showing people how is even worse.)

Well if it isn’t that difficult, then you guys can some up with executions for the weapons in the post. I’m sure T.C. will get the memo and make it happen

Why in the world would I do that when I’m the one NOT BEING PAID to do such a thing? I’m sure once the fix some bugs and glitches, they will add more to the blender…

A painful execution with the enforcer can be done by inserting the handle into the mouth and kicking the gun down the throat, causing the head to explode and the gun to still be functional and picked up afterwards in a matter of seconds.