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Some thoughts on Gears 5 (Spoilers!)

In general I find Gears 5 a fun game. The story is pretty damn good imo I like the choice between saving Del and JD sadly it’s an easy choice as JD is definitely the better choice to save. But the multiplayer is the biggest problem, Horde has been downgraded so much from the last game, VS Multiplayer has terrible matchmaking. One game I could be with people on my level pretty casual challenging fun, but the next game I could be with Esports players that make it not fun cause they stomp thru your team with one person. Escape the mode they were trying to hype up really isn’t that good, its honestly sad to see. The thing that bothers me the most about Gears 5 is the amount of characters in the game. There is barely anything in this game and the totems are ridiculous to unlock, I shouldn’t have to grind out 60,000xp for one skin. Yeah you do unlock lots of that Xp doing the other challenges but its usually only around 30,000 of the 60,000 You need. Make it 30,000 for the xp cause that makes it feel much less grindy. Dont get me started on the microtransactions and the tour of duty. You either have to grind every single day for hours or pay for the tour to get it by the time it ends. I work too much to grind the way they want me to, I have 2 of the 7 totem characters because of the grind. I just want gears to go back to the way it was, unlockable characters that dont take too much grind but feel good to earn. Like Kantus in Gears of War 3 needed a gold team revival medal, 150 revives for one character makes sense and isn’t super grindy. We want more characters, better maps that arent from the previous game… at launch. Maybe as DLC but not launch maps, and less microtransactions. I’m super upset that the Cyclops my favorite Gears 2 MP characters was 500 iron. We want to earn them not have to pay for them, some of us dont have lots of money to spend to get skins we want. I’m glad they arent locked in random boxes but its bs that I have to pay money to get skins I want. This game unlocks more like fortnite or apex than Gears, this is a Gears game we need this game to feel like Gears.