Some Things That Are Consistently True About Gears Of War 4 (KOTH mainly)

  1. The guy doing the fake grenade toss, where you keep hitting LT at the beginning of the match, you know like we used to do when the game first came out, will almost always be at the bottom of the scoreboard.

  2. If Blood Drive gets voted up REALLY QUICK, especially when there’s other good maps to vote for, means you will almost always be playing against a stacked team. Thats why they vote Blood Drive because they know this is one of the most difficult to maps to beat a stacked team on.

3, If Checkout or Raven Down are in the map selection, they will almost always win the vote(which does make me happy).

  1. If you find yourself getting 2-3 kills in a row, yet still being killed by a 4th guy, look around, there’s almost always someone AFK on your team, unless your teammates are just horrible.

  2. The quitter will almost always be the guy at the bottom of the scoreboard. I don’t want to hear about people getting booted in the middle of the game. Sure there’s always some 100 ping dudes in the game that are messing up everyone’s connection and still I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually been kicked from a game since this game has been out. I just have a basic Xfinity connection, not some super duper, high speed connection or anything. I live in Indianapolis.

  3. When the lobby dissolves and you see the “lobby dissolved due to a quitter” message or whatever it says,if you don’t back out immediately and start the matchmaking all over again, you will be thrown into an unfair match where the matchmaking seems like it didn’t even work. At least that seems to be my experience so whenever this happens, I ALWAYS back out and start over. I know it warns you that you’ll be suspended but I’ve never had an issue when I do this.

Feel free to agree or disagree and post your own experiences.

So it is cursed to twirl smoke at the beginning of match? I disagree. What really matters is what happens after everyone starts moving around the map.


If you are getting a beatdown it is highly likely to be the lowest scoring player across both teams, likewise you get a message calling you trash!

I genuinely enjoy doing a beatdown on the enemy teams best player, especially if I’m bottom on my team.
If they are the salty type they often lose focus and start bagging me and getting generally angry, then the messages follow…

Lol. I rarely do one cause it’s usually death to do one the long route. Did one yesterday, and the guy messaged me he reported me. I’m expecting the police any minute now.


Yeah you in big trouble now

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Seems weird but this is something I always notice. Just seems like newer players still do this and they are consistently near the bottom in my matches. I don’t mean twirling the grenades, I’m talking about the fake toss, hesitation or whatever you want to call it, where they spam it while the countdown is going.

I knew what you meant. Tapping the LT. But I think you’re being a bit superstitious about it. If you try it yourself at beginning of KOTH, I don’t think you’d end up at bottom of scoreboard.

If only Gears had spammable dialog lines.

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I always do the fake toss. I’m not trying to be a troll it’s just habit pressing the button. And I have the smoke in hand anyway because I almost always run out of spawn with it.

That said, I’ve been at the bottom numerous times.


I do the snub spank mostly.

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I mean you made some nice paragraphs and listed everything neat and organised so i had a good read :slight_smile: also yeah some of these are true. What about if the whole team twirls smokes though who will be bottom the :open_mouth:

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lol, got me there…

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