Some suggestions for cooperative mode against AI

Hello everyone, before I start I apologize for my grammar if I make a mistake. I am Spanish speaker.

During the 3 years that the multiplayer activity has lasted in Gears 4 I was a regular player of Coop vs. AI mode. It is a game mode that allowed me to enjoy the multiplayer in peace. In addition to being able to get achievements in a more affordable way.

Whenever I felt tired of the day and wanted to play but not being 100%. I started playing this mode. But, over time I felt that this game mode had a potential that was not fully exploited.

So having the opportunity of Gears 5, I would like to take the opportunity to suggest some things to add to the mode:

-Changing the side in each game: Allow team to play with Horde or with the CGO at random.
-Add 2vs2 mode with shotguns. I think that could be perfect to play with a friend. But it never got to be added in Gears 4.
-Add events to mode. Any game mode that emerges from an event would be perfect to add.

For now, it is the little that comes to mind. I would like to hear more suggestions from other forum members.

That is all. Thanks for reading me, and I hope you like the suggestions.