Some suggestion about PVE

Some suggestion about PVE

–before of all,I am come from Hong Kong but my English is not very good,If there are any grammatical problems, please forgive me…


-Delete the EFFICIENT SENTRY from MECHANIC and add ammo reduced cost to the
other two classes can make more different contrast feelings
? (I don’t know how to say it in English Orz)
-Add some cards related to ultimate,MECHANIC ultimate is too weak…

-SHRAPNEL PARTY (increase the number of summoned Trackers)

-VENOM SHRAPNEL (recharges REINFORCE faster while in VENOM)

-PRECISION REPAIRS(precision weapon damage will certain percentage heals all
fortifications,if that shoot is a criticall kills will heal more )
-This can be avoided ROBOTICS EXPERT is so hard to killing an enemy cause this card
become useless, criticall kills will heal more can make prayer try more to criticall
More in line with the original design meaning?of this card.
(■■■■ my English)

-Increase card
-EFFICIENT MG SENTRY (MG SENTRY ammo reduced cost reduced )

-MG SENTRY UPGRADE (increase MG SENTRY damage/10% bleeding/MG SENTRY take 		 
     less damage)

    -BLOODY DR1 increase
    -BLOODY DR1 (summoned DR1s cause bleeding and you can direct control it)
    -can directly control it like jack is more better ,since the AI of the DR1 is so….

-Increase card
-EFFICIENT SHOCK SENTRY (SHOCK SENTRY ammo reduced cost reduced )

    -Increase card
    -Plasma Ammunition/Alien weapon/Covenant weapons(halo~)
    -( increase SHOCK SENTRY damage/increase explosion range/ take less damage)

    -EFFICIENT DECOY (DECOY reduced cost reduced and  increase repair speed)

    -TOP OF THE LINE change
    -(DECOY  take less damage/deflect some ballistic damage back/percentage stunned                 
      the enemy attack it)

    -Increase card

    -Increase card
    -HOLOGRAM SUPPORT(buff the HOLOGRAM e.g. when active the team  will be         
     invisible/increase the number of HOLOGRAM/increase the damage to the enemies 
     who looking the HOLOGRAM)

    - repair cost  change to be ultimateCD

-Because in this version, except the mechanics, the other two are too weak (mainly at
the high difficulty)
-these changes can make this free class become more different,
-MECHANIC (SUPER Fortifications!!!)

p.s.The editor of the article published in the forum made me give up re-editing the format of the original Chinese text

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Lol no.

I think next time I should not use[ - ] …■■■■…

Mechanic’s ultimate is very good. It can literally kill a boss in escape with bloody shrapnel.

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realy? it just take 10% hp damage to a boss in the master horde with 40 wave (hpx2.5)

In escape, and with the bloody shrapnel card. Never used it in horde

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Hmm, some interesting suggestions.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to get more than two trackers in the game, that’s just from a technical performance standpoint of the game as opposed to anything else. The Bloody Shrapnel card is useful on bosses, if you mark them the trackers will go to the boss most of the time. Really good in Escape as well. Maybe not as useful on wave 40 but it is still a fairly strong card to use.

The Precision Repairs sounds interesting, although if you use Experimental Weapons you can get the additional damage on shots with the Embar when the enemy is under 50% health, which could help on the damage issue, and it makes the Overkill very strong.

That MG sentry upgrade sounds very strong. Having bleed on a sentry could be very powerful, considering the amount of shots it would put into an enemy. I don’t know if this would be a wise decision. It could encourage some bad set-ups.

Being able to control the DR1 would be interesting. That ultimate is either the best Ultimate in the game or the worst ultimate, and nowhere in-between. I’ve had my DR1 single-handedly take down a Carrier before, and I’ve had a DR1 struggle to take down two juvies from 5 metres away.

I like the changes suggested for the Architect as well. That class in particular is well thought out.

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In Escape you’re only dealing with a maximum of 2x enemy health from the mutator.

In Horde on master you’re actually dealing with an extra 4.5x enemy health. 2x come from the initial mutator; another 2x comes from natural progression from wave 11 onwards; and the final 0.5x comes from wave 41 onwards.

With Bloody Shrapnel, it’s not all bosses as they have different health and damage resistance, but the softer bosses will eventually bleed to death. I’ve only tried it on Stumps personally. Snatchers are fairly squishy too.