Some Store Questions

Hey y’all, I’ve got a few questions about how the store works these days after a few months away.

Is there content rotation in the Character Skins and Weapon Skins tabs? If so, how often on average is content rotated and/or added to those tabs? Can I expect to see skins like the UIR Officer make a return for coins and/or iron? Or are they limited-time content that I’ve missed out on entirely?

Are certain bundles rotated in and out of the store? I’m a bit confused as to why some bundles are no longer listed and others remain, while skins from some bundles become available in the store for coins/iron and others are nowhere to be found.

Long story short, I really want the UIR Officer skins haha, and I’m hoping that content like that isn’t vaulted for good like a lot of the other Tour of Duty stuff I’ve missed out on.

Thanks in advance!

The store now has a new section where items are added every week(mostly) These item are first available for iron. After one week they move to OP5 Stuff and become available for Gears Coins.

After the operation is finished some items become unavailable some move down to the bottom under Characters/Weapons/Banners/Marks/Emots sections.

A lot of past tour of duty stuff has been brought back(like workout Fahz) and way over priced! Most of past stuff is vaulted unfortunately but will make a return in the future.

The UIR officer is OP4 and is vaulted unfortunately but might come back later.

That’s as best as I can describe but I’m sure if I missed something, someone will add more.

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Thanks for the explanation! All makes sense now, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: