Some scouts just why even play?

I was told in game by our scout it’s not my job to shoot or kill anything but I can buy things because I pick up power. So why even play just to pick up shiny things? Is it just bad players or what is the deal ---- on insane and he was at least a 7 or 8 reup.

Oh boy another one of these? Who cares how a scout plays, if he wants to collect only power then let him , if he wants to collect and kill then let him…just play the game already or quit and find another group

So it’s ok for him never to help the team out with dps and he can hurt the team by doing the engineers job ?

Engineers job? Engineer gets kills with his sentries and other items from the fab…Engineer has nothing to do with this thread because you are complaining about the scout…Scouts main purpose is to collect the power…you will get a lot of feedback here on this thread because we just been through one last week…both good and bad…everyone plays the scout differently

Did you see where he bought things because he picks up power? Last time I checked that’s the engineers job.

What? Are you saying it’s the engineers job to pick up power? Because that’s what it sounds like

Read the first post in the thread again. I said he told us he could buy things because he picks up the power---- his words in game. Isn’t buying things not his job or responsibility?

Sentries? Meh, lemme break it down.
Scout - collect power > revive team > help kill HPT/groups.
Engineer - build according to team composition/needs. Sentries are not necessary outside of Juvie playlist or if team is weak.
Soldier/Sniper/Heavy - kill everything in sight.

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What was the scout buying if not killing enemies? Certainly not weapons.

Barriers weapon lockers

Oh… One of THOSE scouts. Re up 7/8…

I’ve been saying this since the game was released. The Scout is a troll class. If they don’t function properly, it cripples the engineer to a useless roll. The concept that he thinks he is entitled to buy things because he gets the power shows he is a moron not capable of basic thinking. It’s already bad enough some Scouts prefer worthless Shotgun Damage instead of Deposit Bonus for their card selection. Scouts should put power collection above all other priorities, except maybe on occasion revive a teammate.

Who cares…If the scout wants to buy something,so what! If he or she doesn’t quit the game before we finish the horde game,then it’s a small price to pay…I’ve seen very few true teams play horde mode effectily so any hope of getting 5 people to play as a team are rare…

So after you asked them or sent them a message over Xbox Live, “So why even play just to pick up shiny things?” or “Why even play?”
What did they send you back?
We aren’t those Scouts, you encountered in-game.
You could have gotten your answer, just by asking them.
The answer to your question is that they’re inexperienced players, simple as that.

Playing as a Scout with an emphasis on picking up power, I see other classes constantly go out of their way to grab it, during and between waves, sometimes even beating me to the boss loot and grabbing it when I’m right behind.
It’s not a scout problem, it’s an uninformed or ignorance problem affecting basically all the know-nothings who play. Other classes cripple the team more often than bad scouts.

I do it daily. Twice usually. With randoms and no mic.

Well, if you look your own previous threads, this subject was probably well discussed. So no need for another one.

I suggest you leave those scum types. And play scout yourself.

Honestly… You’re crying on deaf ears. Coalition won’t make anything about it. And selfish players will keep there, as the weed you cut from your grass.

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Yeah. Let him buy a repair gun too and fix that damn sentry he bought.

These re ups mean nothing these days. We had too many multiple xp periods.

You can safely assume they’re 3 or more levels over their actual experience, so to speak.

Lol, I suppose. I often feel that of myself to be honest. :laughing:

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