Some recent thoughts on Gears 4 and 5 from Cliff Bleszinski

“I think the Coalition is doing good work. I played through 4 and dug it and started 5 but something felt off about the acceleration curves with the analog sticks. Framerate was also inconsistent for me. I think “the choice” was kinda dumb, to be honest. Great way to paint yourself into a corner wrt narrative, yo, haha.”

Link to Cliff’s comment.

I think TC should consider his opinion because he is one of the creators of the Gears of War franchise. Also, Gears 5 disappointed many players who stopped playing the game. Now the player base is smaller than ever before.

For me, the biggest problems in Gears 5 are the gnasher that looks like the sawed-off from Gears 3, which is a noob weapon, and the inconsistency in gnasher battles (sometimes you shoot your enemy very close, and he doesn’t die, but other times you kill your enemy by far with only one shot when you are not even aiming right)

”Oh look. He’s posting something different. Cliff Bleszinski. Maybe it’ll be something worthwhile discus…oh, there it is. Sawn-off…noob weapon…and here we go.”


What a shame. Could’ve been a good topic :neutral_face:

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I’ve got him blocked so can’t read it at all. Is it just click bait then?


Yup. Same ol’ gnasher = sawed off nonsense.

Yeah it’s a terrible take.

The sawed off was actually fun to use.


Rare mineman W


Pretty much yes. As Defensor said it swiftly goes back to his famous Sawn-Off catchphrase.

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I have my moments :sunglasses:

What am I reading. You guys liked the Sawed Off ? I bet you played as Savage Kantus and spawned with a Retro as well. Scum.

(I’m not serious. If you fall into this category please don’t take offense.)


I nearly cried when they nerfed the Retro. :wink:

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Even after the nerf the gun is wild.

they are all noobs so they like to play as noobs

LOL imagine being so weak of mind that you don’t get sarcasm? :smiley:


I’m just joking. Nothing serious.

The sawed off was fun to use sometimes just because I know it annoyed people when they died from it. Including myself lol

excuse me for loving that screaching charge he made when retro charging snif snif haha



Imagine being so joyless and miserable? You can have a hug if you just ask for one. :smiley:

Now you are just confusing me with you and your family …