Some questions about Gears tactics (Final boss and glitched Seriously Jacked)

First, the question about the glitched achievement, because that is not a spoiler and new players can read it without problems:

I have 80%, and I know that Jack and the Beanstalk didn’t count because of problems with tracking at that time.

I also know that this tracking issue is recurring, so I want to ask if someone found some tracking issues at these times (I write the achievement and the date that I unlocked it, in the format DD/MM/YYYY):

Jack and the Beanstalk 12/8/2022
Suit Up 1/7/2022
Untouchable 29/6/2022
I’ve done the whole mind control thing… 28/6/2022
Zed’s dead, baby 20/6/2022
One for All! 13/6/2022
You can’t see me! 25/4/2022
Number 5 is alive! 22/4/2022
All for One! 22/4/2022
For he is truly his brother’s keeper… 22/4/2022

If someone knows and can help me to pinpoint the exact achievement that I need (Believe me that I don’t want to start a new game), I truly appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Now the question about the final boss:

Playing Jacked mode, when the Hydra destroys the place, the game always put Jack with Gabe and Reyna?

Can the teams be different? Like Gabe and Mikayla?

Also, the Boomers only appears as reinforcements where Jack is? Or I was just lucky?

And a extra question: In one of the mission, I put a proximity mine while cloaked and exploded exactly after putting it, not in the enemy’s turn. For a moment I believed that I use a frag grenade and that I lose that mission


From my 3 playthroughs they are always the same.

I’m 99% sure this is RNG and varies.

With the other achievements, I had to redo all of them. For me it turned out the last achievement I needed wasnt actually the one I thought it was, so who knows? :neutral_face:

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I was just trying to redo every achievement before fighting with the Brumak, and “One for All!” (Entire team with Jacked effect) was the one that didn’t track properly :slightly_smiling_face:

I just did it once because I prefer to use Jacked to buff 1 unit, at least was an easy one :slightly_smiling_face:

If someone else has this problem and want to pinpoint it, I can say that the achievements didn’t tracked properly on June, 13th (2022)

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