Some Problems Pretty Consistent Since New OP Drop

So I’ve ran into a few issues that I’ve never experienced so consistently before…if at all, actually.

-After 1 or 2 shots, the Boomshot will just send a round out into space and it doesn’t register any kind of hit/damage, nor does it lose that round in the weapon. I have to take it back and put it on the locker then take it off again, and even then that doesn’t always work, plus it’s pointless to do that for one round…so I usually get one or two shots from the BS, then that’s it. Not game breaking by any means, but when you only have three shots to begin with and you’re not hanging out by the locker, it’s super annoying.

-I’ve noticed about 50% or so, of the time, when I buy a weapon, the Fab takes my power but doesn’t give me my weapon. In certain circumstances, this one is quite rage inducing.

-The instances of downed teammates not having the marker over them has increased

I’m not necessarily ■■■■■■■■, looking for a solution, or wanting a dev response. Just wondering if there’s shared misery in these problems out there or if anyone has noticed other small issues creep up.

And not to be a total Negative Nancy…I’m pleasantly surprised that it seems more maps have been added to the MM playlists. While being put in a Daily lobby, over and over,is still annoying AF, I’m seeing more map diversity otherwise.


I’ve gotten the buy weapons and not get anything bug. I usually encounter it in canals of the box is under one of the bridges by the spawn. It does at other times happen though it is more rare.

The aim assist in intermediate, experienced, and advanced is buggy too. Against deebees shots will gravitate towards the body rather than the head even if the cursor is on the head.


Not sure if it’s new but when using critical parade.
After some Headshots I lose the outline of the enemies or I just can’t shoot through the walls anymore, even though the ultimate is still going.

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Because the ult will stop showing the outlines of already spawned enemies if a second Marksman in the match triggers their ult after yours. When/if more spawn in, you can see those, or try playing lottery to see if your guess for where the enemies were moving or were last seen and are still there is accurate.

Been an issue since Op 5.