Some Positivity Regarding Cosmetics

Morning Swipe.
I agree up to a point, but feel overall we have a lack of quality. That is subjective of course.

What I will say is the character design team and artists mostly do a fantastic job.

Yes this is a very good looking game

I think gears 5 definitely has at least as much if not more cosmetics than 3. Really it’s mainly just 4 that had a ton of cosmetic stuff, though UE had quite a few weapon skin packs. I think people forget that sometimes.

I have wondered why there aren’t any things you can get from playing campaign or doing certain things in the campaign though.

People here are confusing "quality " with "opinion " the quality is definitely better than gears 4 but weather you like it or not is totally an opinion. And "quantity " is also a thing just because there’s less cosmetics doesn’t mean their of poor quality, i will say that i wish there was more quantity but i don’t know whats going on behind the scenes.

I know its a long shot but I’m hoping they just have been busy working on a new mini campaign.

As someone who has played gears since the first game. Gears 5 is the second biggest let down of the series. The map pool is still broken. Characters and skins are limited unless you buy them from the store.
I doesn’t feel like a gears game to me. Theres no or little destructable cover, lack of gore and blood when I chainsaw someone in half. You hardly flinch when getting shot and the melee feels light and not meaty like it use to be. I though the game is beautiful and the campaign solid. But since launch the multiplayer has been a ■■■■ show with only 2 new maps, a few OG characters and barely any improvement. I do hope TC look back on this and bring back what the previous games had and got right.


And not only that but they are drop feeding us the OG Delta Squad… :neutral_face:


The content is lacking in some aspects, but over produced in others. I’ve said it before, because it’s true, but Microsoft directed them to make it a live service game to be a pillar for Gamepass and it succeeded in doing what they wanted. That’s why the game is in the state it is.

Now, as for TC not putting out good skins and releasing characters, I think that falls on their focus with other content-related issues. Emotes, probably the worst thing to put in this game, need to be removed entirely. Bloodsprays too, along with banners and the excessive amount of executions. The ToD shouldn’t be filled with this garbage, but unique weapon/character skins, character unlocks, etc. I get they need to fill out each rank but at this point they’re only padding it to give the illusion of content.

I just watched the streams (played them in the background while I did my regularly scheduled life) to get the Motherboard and Desperado skins, those should have been in the game to unlock for everyone, not tied behind a stream that rarely saw 10k watching. The store is good for what it is, with the exception that aside from the Esports content, everything in it should be available to unlock. I mentioned the Motherboard skins, but 5 of them weren’t available in the stream, only to purchase… Why?? Everything that is going to be featured in the store/stream should be within the ToD for that specific operation until it ends, and then I can see it being offered from the vault as one large bundle in the form of DLC.

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Your an idiot then. They must be paying you to say this. They are a money hungry company and I will never buy any cosmetics. I’m so glad I haven’t purchased the game. People pay 60 for a game and it still
Microtransactions. Thats greed

Think this is a decent amount of cosmetics available. I’m upset I missed out on Classic Baird but that’s my bad for not playing during Operation 2.

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Its not that there aren’t a decent amount of cosmetics, it’s that the majority of them are lackluster at best.

I may be in the minority, but for me I do not care about marks, banners, blood sprays, or expressions. These to me (my opinion) are just pointless cosmetics used to fill up the pool of stuff and to make the RNG in the Supply Drop ■■■■. I rarely get any of the weapon skins from the Supply Drop, it’s always a green mark or banner that i’ve gotten 1000 times before. So it nets me 5 scrap.

Plus a lot of what you can earn is broken up into pieces to make it seem like it’s more than it is or if you want it you are forced to play game modes/types you don’t like or want to play. I personally hate playing versus as I am average at best, so if I have to play it, I play Co-Op vs AI, but that game type doesn’t offer half of the versus modes to play. And even if I do play public/ranked versus, 99% of the time I am always on the COG team, so I never even use the Swarm characters.

And I feel the Store is a joke, the prices that are being charged for cosmetics are outrageous. And I am not going to waste the little iron that I’ve gotten through the ToD on them.

Also the whole totem system is complete garbage for how they’ve decided to introduce new characters. I know some people don’t have an issue with getting a decent amount of scrap to use on crafting them, but since I only get 5 scrap from the Supply Drop at a time, and have used most of what I’ve gotten to craft previous totems, I’ve decided to not waste any more scrap on these. Until they finally push the skill cards to level 6 so I can scrap the hundreds of extra green skill cards I have that are collecting dust. Since the RNG in the game is ■■■■, even when running a Master Horde 1-50 match, I still end up with 8-10 green cards each time. I speed run 2 Escape maps and Insane or higher in 3 minutes and get better RNG, but still at least get majority green all the time.

So yes, the cosmetics are there and there are a lot of them, if you’ve been playing since Day 1, but 90% of them are complete garbage that serve no real purpose in this game except to give TC an excuse about the quantity of content there is. The quantity is there, but the quality is not.

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I wish I would have gotten it now that Ben’s in the game. He says “You Suck” in the Boo! preview & I’d love to troll my buds with it now :frowning:

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Haha, I use it all the time.

You suck!

It’s even funnier when my friend with Marcus said You ■■■■■■ up my tomatoes and I responded with Bens Sorry emote. :joy:

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Ben is a breath of fresh air for me to this game. Haven’t been anyone else since (sorry Lizzie/Mac)
I really missed out by not unlocking Boo! lol

My main two are This is so cool & his dorky laugh. I have a thank you for every character to say as I get revived.

I can kinda agree with @HerrKatzchen, If we were to look at the perspective we can also look to the comparisons of our previous game’s franchise titles, From gears 4 to 5 we can see the pattern of how instead of getting characters available at launch, we are being trickled characters we used to already own.

traditionally, when going from one series to the next, you add more to the game, not take away less. TC is still recovering from an incomplete launch on an incomplete game