Some Positivity Regarding Cosmetics

All I ever seem to read are negatives where skins are concerned. People feeling hard done too about microtransactions, only getting Desert skins for re-upping etc. So I thought I’d offer a different view point.

I’ve never tried to unlock skins, I’ve only played what I would usually play:

  • 1 run through of the campaign
  • 0 Horde
  • 0 Escape
  • The majority of my time has been spent on either ranked KOTH or Social Quickplay

This is what I have:

I just bought 1 bloodspray from the shop. I’ve not unlocked any of the special event type skins besides Thrashball Cole. I’ve never equipped a totem but would have all of the latter ones where the only requirement is XP.

I feel like TC have been more than generous with cosmetics. :expressionless:


I’m probably in the minority here, but, I just feel the whole situation is lacklustre.

Compare it to previous games, there just isn’t much.

Few characters and few skins.

TC could have launched with at least plenty of base characters or offered them as unlocks.

And then heavy invested into skins, both old and new.

I’m obviously mainly interested in premium / esports skins and even there it’s been so damn drip feed.

Black Steel launched with 5 Characters per pack and a whole weapon set plus banner.

Look at the difference.

The Store - even for real money - just doesn’t pump out any decent quality, to the point where I just hope TC remake some of the better skins from 4.

I get that there is content there,

But the quality is far below what I expected.

Others may feel differently, but I’m sure as hell hoping the best is yet to come.


Except 90% is butt-ugly garbage.


@HerrKatzchen your looking at things all wrong. But trying to tell you that is probably pointless if that is your attitude. Try a little gratitude my man. Have a little perspective.

I do. I always see the same 5-6 weapon skins being used. And most of those are paid stuff, not the ToD or supply-trash.

Mhm, sure.

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“Look at these poors. So satisfied with what they have. No! You should want more! Capitalism! twirls mustache in villain “ - @III_EnVii_III


I expected Gears 5 to launch with at least half of the content Gears 4 released in it’s lifetime since they were bringing back Scrap. But I feel skins in 5 are either 50/50 (Desert Baird > DB Baird). But seems a higher quality than 4’s beginning cycles.

The main issues I have with the store are past-skins (Mech Baird, Stalker Kantus, Lieutenant Del) being sold through the money-only store, and an inconsistent store altogether. Winter Marcus? Free with TOD. Hivebuster Cole/Lizzie? Free. Hivebuster Baird? $5. Lieutenant Del? 2.50. Lieutenant JD? Free. Winter Cole? Free. Any sign of a Hivebuster/Winter Clayton? Not until we see it in the store for $5.

Not to mention the inconsistency of skins being released so slowly. Baird and Kait have 6+ skins alone whereas Clayton and Lizzie have 2-3. The Hivebusters have 2 (3 for Mac) and we’re just finally getting new skins for the Swarm characters 6 months + into the game. 4 months if you finished TOD 2 quickly. (I did Omit Chrome Steel because I just don’t see the Esports content as being apart of the normal content feed).

This along with the drip feed and everything else really makes it annoying to want to spend any money for me. I end up deciding whether or not I want to save my Iron for a future skin I might want or if I want the skin that’s currently out. Then the FOMO effect kicks in preemptively. It’d be nicer if we got 2-3 skins a week with 2-3 weapon SETS (Not $4 a piece for 5 loadout options or $5 for 5 skins). And after this they could just add Bloodsprays, banners and emotes to the TOD/Supply instead of trying to charge a buck a pop for every little piece of filler content.


That’s the thing,

I expected at least launch to be sufficient with characters even if the skins were coming out after.

There’s no excuse for it.


That is very good for you, who maybe has played since Tour 1 or Tour 2 and has bough things from the store, but you are confused just because you have these skins,therefore everyone has them.

Take me for example, I only picked up the game a week and a half ago, because I have been following Gears 5 since it came out, and I was not happy at all about it, so I steered clear.

Now I say Gears 5 on the Gamepass, I don’t like using the Gamepass because if I pay to play a game, I want to be able to access the game at any time of my choosing, so this is a rarity.

So, when I load up my game, I have 28 characters to pick from, 26 of them to play, not the 48 that you have. Now why is this?

Well, you may have participated in the early Tours and the Tour now, nothing wrong with that, but again you are missing one big very important point, and that is the Tour content won’t be coming back, as stated by The Coalition, that’s why people like myself are for TC to bring content back, because while “content” might be in the game, for new players, who can’t get access to it because of some arbitrarily artificial timed FOMO, if they were to say, “This game has no content” they would not be wrong by saying that because they can’t access it.

Look at it this way, if I bought the game for £50, or $60 right. I load up the game, Operation 4 is out let’s say, I have access to the 9 COG characters that are free at the start of the game, and the 6 Swarm characters that are free, I have no access to the Desert or Winter skins for the main cast as they appeared in campaign because they were in Tour 1, so that is gone, (Vaulted).

So based on what you are saying, because you have 48 skins because you played from day 1 or Tour 2 or whatever the circumstance is, so people like me who joined late, or hell even people that paid the £50 or $60 for a Triple A game, who expect to have access to the content we pay for at all times, can’t say anything about this because people like yourselves have this content? Interesting.

I am not having a dig at you, I am merely explaining to you the argument from the other side of things that you have not seen or been a part of.

If people are complaining the game has no content, it is more to do with no newly created Maps in 7 months save for 2 (Not ported), Characters, not skins, (from previous Gears games).

The argument for the Item Store and the Tour is:

1), We have to pay for characters even if I bought the game for £50 or $60.

2). I can not access content that already exists in the game simply because The Coalition wants to lock it and vault it to create a fake rarity .

3). How can character variants from the campaign, that we play as, be vaulted after the Tour ends? (Scared JD Tour 1 etc).

4). Why is content that should have been in the game be all timed?

That’s the issue, so yeah, not what you think :slight_smile:


You are not in the minority, the majority of players still playing and that have left, don’t like the current system, the same as you.

You only need to watch videos from the big Gears of Wars players, and the posts on both here and reddit say the same as you and me.

The Coalition have said they are going to be changing things in their Dev streams so keep your chin up.


Those are echo chambers and those videos are designed to generate clicks and subscriptions. They do not represent the majority view.


Sure, ok bud

I have seen you post the same types of responses to any posts that bring things like this up, you have done it on my posts as well, yet you don’t explain or account for the fact of, low players numbers, why people hate the system, the very fact of the sheer amount of outcry from it, other than, “echo chambers and nothing else” despite if the post if well written and or thought out.

If anyone is the troll my friend, it is you, so if you want to be flippant, and not add anything to the conversation go away, thanks.

You bring yourself to these posts, and you post on them so being a troll yourself and saying “Adding another troll to the blocked list…”, when you came here to do that very thing to this post, because by your own words what you says goes , says a lot about your maturity and mind set my friend.

Take a break and get some air lad, you need it.
Take care and have a good life my friend :slight_smile:

A lot of the skins are just terrible. It looks like they were thrown together just to have a decent amount in the supply pool. Almost all trash. I’ve only ever used the Onyx Guard, Halo Reach, or Locust skins. I’ll use Team Ice when I eventually get it 2 weeks before Gears 6 launches lol

I would love to use Team Metal (was my favorite back in Gears 3) but it’s way too bright. You stick out like a sore thumb.

The one thing i missed out on was the boo emote.

I wish i could go back in time


I’m a little sad there aren’t skins to unlock from earning certain medals / progression medals … i.e headshots, kills, etc. :pensive:

I wish I could go back into time and not help @Krylon_Blue unlock it.

In before he boos me.


I was initially thinking of mentioning I’d gotten the Boo emote but rarely find use for it at this point(the best use it has in PvE is for boo’ing a boss in Horde after killing it, and since I rarely play that at the moment…), and then I realized it’d not really serve any point and only annoy people.


Reup 15 and 21,000+ scrap is a ton of playtime, wow.

I had that much scrap but I was using boost