Some of these medals are busy work I want to play the game not slave

For example you have to place 300 fortifications as Del didn’t I mention the price of a level one Barrier goes up to 7,500 !!! After your place like 10 to 12 wtf and 2500 juives kill how often do we see juives only like 10 per 5 rounds then escape 50 past hives the game type isn’t that fun to play 50 times in a row

You can do dels in 20 minutes doing a solo cutsom horde starting on wave 49-50.

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You have 3 months to do the medals and you aren’t forced to do them. Each medal page will show you the customisation award if you complete that page, so up to oyu whether or not you want to grind that out.

As the user above mentioned, its easy to knock off the one you mentioned by loading up a later wave if you feel like you need to do so.


didnt know you can do that thats a loead off thanks

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Not a prob. Hit me up if you want to know any other shortcuts, there’s not many medals I haven’t figured out a shortcut through.


If you made a thread/guide on the shortcuts you’ve discovered I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it! Even just an thread where everyone can post their medal shortcuts would be good.

I have a shortcut for 90% of these as well, did all the weapon medals taking only ~30 mins a piece, I’m at 70% progress overall. with only 2-3 hours of play time each day .

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what about the 50 past hives ? Gl Lancer Kills With JD ? Hive Master One And Past Mater One

Play gauntlet on beginner, run past everything. you can clear that past escape in 1:30seconds. wont have a good leaderboard time for it lol.

I did on Exhibit, put the fabricator in the circle under the bridge. forces the spawns to the 2 end spawns, can net 20 GL kills a round pick up 2 ammo boxes , rinse and repeat.

Just get a team and master them , No explanation needed