Some of my insights about Gears 5 multiplayer mode

  1. The game “looks” better but doesn’t feel better, this new maps are far from being the best of the entire repertoire, too much open spaces and zones, If you put up on to vote the all favorite maps from all gears these new ones will probably be in the last places.
    You should add at least one classic map right from the start for comparison purposes.

  2. Sound fx need to be fixed, there was nothing wrong how it was in Gears 4,. In Gears five you can barely hear the grenade warning alarm and it sounds the same if you are far or close. Most of the sound need depth adjustments, most of them are very flat.

  3. Stop being so damn compliant, me as most of the guys hate when some one steal our kills, but you don’t have to give the kill to everyone who shoots the guy, maybe just the one who shoots it down and the one who finished it the one who makes more damage will still get the majority of the points anyways. Now it feels like a damn kids competition where everyone one competing gets a participation award.

4.The new weapons are cool except for the freeze cannon, a flame thrower would’ve been better choice and the enforcer as a map weapon it’s dull, nobody use it anymore, most of the weapons’ lack of recoil takes off some of the realism specially the in the Longshot.

  1. When you are guest in the versus lobby most of the time it gets you back to the first menu and doesn’t let you choose character or vote for the maps.

  2. What happened to the bloody mess from the previous gears,? no big blood splatters no characters covered completely on blood .

  3. The new crimson omen damage indicator sucks, all screen turns red and it’s difficult to say where the shots are coming from at that stage.

  4. The new interface and the menu designs are definitely an aesthetic improvement but are kind of confusing i still don’t get all the ranking , money and score system. It’s too complicated compared to the previous games.

  5. The melee attack it’s unpolished and feels week

  6. The kill cam has some big issues some elements doesn’t load in the video it’s like seeing almost a completely different situation about just what happened.

I really feel there’s a lack of intensity on the multiplayer, I don’t feel as excited and motivated to play this one as i felt on gears 4 even when it wasn’t my favorite.

The gruesomeness and the gore have been toned down and the some the fierceness have been washed out and that’s a shame.

In conclusion what Gears 5 gains in style and aesthetics loses it on intensity and excitement.