Some of Lizzie's Cards Don't Work

I got lizzie on level 11 and I’ve been playing with the silverback, but I’ve noticed that the bleed damage for the mulcher is non existent. Same for the explosive munitions card, that doesn’t work either. Is this just something on my end or what, because its really annoying in escape and horde when I dump rounds into a scion or a crowd of enemies without killing them

Not just you, i have seen others post about this issue.

ill wait til i level her up then…@foosniper

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Ok rook @jmelia123

Lol, wow.

Glad I spent the last four days grinding her totem just to find out her cards are bugged.


Also there seems to be no explanation of how she works at all - which guns are defense mode? How do you go into defense mode? ( I guess it’s the aim button now?)
It would also be nice if you knew how much ammo each gun had on the card going in - looking at you 30 shot saw launcher.
The angles on the guns are pretty bad, the cryo gun only being able to hit things that are at least 5 or 6 feet in front is silly for a limited range “flame thrower”

In order to go into defense mode, you need to press the “Y” button after you active her ultimate(default control method)…basically while using the Silverback, you press the same button you used to summon it(in my case it is the Y button) and when you do that, the Silverback is locked into place and aim is improved…this is defense mode, I agree with you it should have been explained better, I think they quickly explained it during the campaign but personally I had forgotten.

Ok I think I figured it out, left trigger is left gun, right trigger is right gun. You can’t aim, and Y activates defensive mode. But yeah its ridiculous, especially since the silverback in the story has the classic control scheme

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I was playing around with it last night (just unlocked her) and on Alt it appears to be B - the silverback does a stomp and becomes like a stationary turret…

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Do all the cards work yet or are there still issues?

My problem is that the eliminations I’m getting with buzzkill and cryo cannon aren’t counting towards the totem challenge even though it’s equiped.

In last week’s developer stream, they stated that they are aware of the broken card issues and are in the process of fixing them however the fix won’t be applied until next month at the earliest.

Well, they should’ve tested this stuff before but at least they’ve acknowledged it.

Lol. Really, TC test anything ?? We’re the beta testers. Don’t worry they will fix next update and gives us some new bugs and glitches