Some nice info from Octus

Seems like a lot of the community just lack common sense though.

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Needs more ands.

Some people just want to watch the world burn my man.


I’m one of those guys also… I like also watching how the train actually hits another and disaster unfolds…

I’ve seen that also… however I feel bad about most of my friends here, since as I have stated before they really deserve a good game and I don’t see that coming … . I don’t have the feel that is going to happen anytime soon Tony.

I guess this virus is giving us all short attention spans. WrestleMania is so big it has to be two nights! :joy:


Yeah that’s what it sounds like, except they struggle with the execution.

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I dont think a lot of people would have a problem with it if a lot of us were’t quarantined

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Can you still read when extremely hungover?

who says I’m hungover

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Just like the content they give us. People may be happy and “hyped”. Im not STILL. I just want more maps FFS.

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Tmw when the devs go from drip feedings content that was ready and playable months before the game launched. To drip feeding us patch notes

Closing so discussion stays in the main thread.