Some medals have inconsistent tracking in OP5

So far I have noticed two medals which were not tracking properly.

  1. Obliterator : Get 5 or more kills without dying in a versus match
    The requirements for unlocking this medal seems pretty straightforward but it is not so.
    I got 7 kills in a row in a ranked TDM match. After completing the match, the medal didn’t unlock for me. A few days after that, I played ranked ‘free for all’ and got 5 kills in a row. When the match ended, the medal unlocked for me on the results screen.
    So I think that this medal is tied to getting 5 or more kills in a row without dying in ‘Free for all’, and not in any other versus mode.

EDIT: @Bleeding_Pepper was kind enough to point out that you need to get the ‘The Quint’ ribbon in order for this medal to unlock. So you need to kill 5 enemies within 4 seconds of each other. With that being said, you could attempt to unlock this medal in any versus mode, not just free for all(Although attempting this in free for all would be much easier, as there are 7 opponents on the field, as compared to other game modes where there are only 5 at a time)

  1. Diversified: Win a versus match in every ranked mode.
    The medal progression is stuck at 3/4 for me, even though I had secured a victory in all versus modes.
    Since the medal was copy-pasted from the previous operation, I think completing Gridiron is still a requirement for unlocking this medal. However since Gridiron is not included in ranked versus anymore, completing this is going to be impossible. Just have to wait for TC to fix this.

  2. Thanksgiving medals: I didn’t have problem regarding tracking for this medal. However, I have seen some players on the forum have issues regarding this.

  3. Don’t remember the name of this medal, but it involved using the Carmine brothers to complete escape hives. This too I didn’t have any problem unlocking this medal, but again, some players on the forum also have trouble regarding the tracking of this medal.

I created this thread just to make members aware of these issues. Also if any other medal has some inconsistent tracking, kindly post them here so we could be aware before attempting to complete those medals.

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Unlocked for me as I got a Quint ribbon in Coop vs AI with the Dropshot playing KOTH.

Can’t currently speak for other medals.

You have to get the Quint medal - killing 5 enemies within a limited time - basically you have to chain the kills together. I managed to do this last night, but it took a while.

I believe this medal was messed up because the whole category is coded to included Gridiron as a mode, when in actual fact it’s been removed from the ranked playlists. TC have acknowledged this and will be changing it at some point.

Hive-Brothers - yes, this was causing problems. From anecdotal evidence it seems to only track when played on Inconceivable or Master difficulty.

I think this was only a problem initially when the event first went live. For me, it only tracked progress for 1 out of my first 5 matches, but afterwards it was fine. Although I should add even within the first 5 matchs, it was consistently tracking progress in the Versus Events category without issue.

Wow how did they fail to mention this crucial piece of information?
I’ll edit my original post to accommodate this.
Makes sense why I didn’t receive the medal in TDM, but when switched over to Free for all it unlocked.

Stupid question but the free for all is one of the four wins for medal? I currently have 2 out 4 and have already won in KOTH, TDM and 2v2.

No, it’s KOTH, Gridiron, 2 VS 2 and FFA.

As I said, Gridiron was mistakenly included in this medal category even though it’s not included in the ranked playlists. TC will be changing this at some point.

I think right at the start of Op 5 the medal tracked any 5-kill killstreak. I ended up with 4/5 progress and I’m 99% certain I didn’t get a single Quint. But something happened and TC probably changed it so that it only tracked Quint ribbons. I’m not sure why this was - maybe TC always intended to be based on Quints, changed it but forgot to update the medal text afterwards?

Yes, I too suspected that Gridiron replaced TDM as the criteria for unlocking this medal. Thanks for clarifying this!