Some insight on my mind state of the game

This game pisses me off so bad,
it has potential to be great.
I guess the masterminds behind the first game(Epic games)decidin on buildin fortnite.
Its by far way more playable and its free.
Fyi if youre going to make a movement boost …
which i didnt even notice until i checked the forums… increase the shotgun speeds too genius !
cause now none of my shots register and its a king of ping lag fest … Clearly this game was not tested at all! I beat the insane campaign in 2 days, and it is not challenging at all! its just cheap the way the enemies kill you. Clearly was untested too!
since 0.50% unlocked the achievement…
youre game is a straight slap in my face when i invested. Playtime since launch to find out im stuck in silver 2 my leaderboard highest rank was two – slashes for months on the leaderboards…i put in a report about 2 weeks in the game was out to not even get a response! You reset my rank again on the update. Not until the update i was able to reach onyx 2 in 3 days… Yet people on my friends list were exploitin your game an were masters within a few days of launch foh… rewarded and played way less and i have double the wins. You get a straight up middle finger from me.

The insane campaign is meant to be mostly easy, Ice queen escape map on masters is the on thing slightly difficult right now lol… everything else is kind of too easy.

It had the potential to be great. I’ve stated what changes I think would help but I doubt it will at this point. Sadly, all hope is lost and I believe TC knows this.